Sports Bros Podcast: Media and the honor code featuring Rick Aaron

Join the Sports Bros Podcast tonight at 7:00 MST as we discuss the latest BYU honor code story (Jamaal Williams) with legendary Utah broadcaster Rick Aaron (@RickAaron).¬†We’ll also be playing some wouldda-couldda-shouldda games with BYU basketball.

As always, tweet us live during the show at @SportsBros and we will do our best to respond on the air.


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Andy Kartchner

I have a Ph.D. in sports analytics. No I don't. But I do have a law degree. And if there's one thing I learned in law school, it's how to write about sports.

I am Big Bro. My brother, Aaron (a.k.a. Little Bro), and I make up the Sports Bros, your one-stop shop for everything BYU sports.


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  • Rick brings up some great points, mainly that when the playing status of a main player changes- sports viewers will want to know why and kind of have a right to know (paying viewers!). Also liked the distinction between cases where there is illegal activity v just honor code violations. Personally, I think the honor code is just that- honor- and when players think they can come to the school and sneak around it’s disappointing. Their lives became less private when they became stars, and if they’re going to sneak around there’s a price to pay.