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Wanna vent about BYU? Need a shoulder to cry on after seeing the Cougars lose their 8th game this season? Want to tell the Bros what you really think of them? Tonight is your chance! Beginning at 9:00 PM MST, the Bros will be taking live calls from BYU fans looking for a place to mourn. Call (713) 955-0766 to talk to them live!

BYU is officially staying home this bowl season for the first time in 12 years. The Cougars lost to Fresno State yesterday, and all hopes of turning around the awful season fluttered out the window.

To add insult to injury–or rather injury to insult–Tanner Mangum was lost for the season to an Achilles injury late in the second half. Beau Hoge came in and was unable to get any points for the disastrous Cougar offense.

BYU, now sitting at 2-8, can’t seem to keep players healthy or get into the end zone. Now, fans are starting to lose patience.

Are fans going to continue to be patient with Kalani Sitake and his staff? What expectations for change are there among the Cougar faithful? Is there an internal problem causing these injuries? Or are BYU fans’ expectations just too high?

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Aaron Kartchner

I'm another one of those kids who thinks he knows everything there is to know about BYU football/basketball and how it can get better. I mean heck, don't we all? But I really do have the answers. Seriously.

Little Bro of the Sports Bros tandem alongside Andrew Kartchner.

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  • I’m charting new waters. I really don’t know what to think. I have been a fan since school year 1953-54 (back on the quarter system days), and never have I seen a BYU team look so much like a High School JV team.

    If we manage to catch the ball, we drop (to the grown) as soon as we catch it, without being tackled, instead of staying on our feet and picking up the extra yards.

    When our defense goes after a pass receiver, he waits for the receiver to catch the ball and than tackles him instead of trying for the interception, or the pass knock down, or the effort to keep the receiver from catching the ball.

    I love our coaches. I do not want to lose any of them. They were all great in their own right. They need to learn to teach more, that which they themselves are great at.

    We need to figure out how, (I have no suggestions on how, but someone much smarter than I), must figure out how to get more 4-5 star players if we are to continue to play P5 teams full of 4-5 start players.

    You ask if our expectations are too high for our team. Last year, my answer would have been “Heck No” Within the next 7 years we must become use to playing successfully 9 P5 teams per year so we will be ready when the new TV contracts come out and the new Relignment becomes for the P5 conferences, so we will have already proven that we can play a P5 conference successfully.

    This year, we need a new re-evaluation of what our expectations really are. With 9 MWC teams ranked above us and only 3 ranked below us, and with one of those 3 that are ranked below us having already beaten us this season, it begs the question, will we, within the next 7 years be good enough to play in the MWC? (Together, Utah and BYU use to dominate this conference and take turns being the champion of it).

    For over a year now, I have made 3 statements that draws an avalanche of disapproval from the loyal Church fans that scream at me saying the Brothern will never give in to these suggestions. ( I believe that once they are convienced there is a need, they could and should be a change in the policy.) I think that this 2017 season has successfully demonstrated that need for change.)

    1. Let the AD be the required Church Member in good standing, that must be responsible for hiring the very best coach he can for HC, making sure that it is understood that the HC must not drink alcohol in public, or be under the influence of alcohol or Street drugs in public. He must not use fowl language in public. and he must not do anything to be an embarrassment to the University or to the Church that owns it. Do away with the requirement that the HC must be a member in good standing.

    2. Let the Wards, the Stake Conferences, the General Conferences, take a more active roll in indentifying our memebers that are 4-5 star athletes and take a more active role in suggesting that they consider very, very strongly the possibility of helping the Church owned University achieve in the sports program. Make some consessions for these athletes as to when or where they do what in order to come to BYU and be a contributor. (Never suggesting that anyone does anything against the NCCA rules or is immoral, but suggesting that we have some flexibility).

    3. Always remember, that when playing 4-5 star athletes from P5 conferences, no matter how hard we try and no matter how many lemons we squeeze, we can not make sweet orange juice out of lemons.

    We can hold up a lemon and tell everyone that this is an orange. We can repeat over, and over, and over again, this is an orange. We can even put in in Caps, this is an O R A N G E. And some people may even start to believe that the lemon is an orange, but the fact is, that lemon is a
    L E M ON. We can’t win a sweet orange juice constest using nothing but lemons.