Sports Bros Podcast: Jared Lloyd (@JaredrLloyd) talks BYU fall camp



Live at 9:00 MST, the Bros talk with the Daily Herald’s Jared Lloyd (@JaredrLloyd) about BYU’s progress in fall camp. Are the tight ends for real? How’s the RB competition going? What about the Mo Langi factor? Are there any stories flying under the radar that need to be revealed?

The Bros also revive the eternal discussion of whether a G5 conference would help BYU’s long-term goals in football. If BYU could win a ton of games and a New York 6 bowl, would it be worth it?

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  • My opinion is that going B A C K to a G5 conference is not an option. Looking for an easy way to accomplish our main goal, is not an option.
    Going back to playing maybe 9 G5 conference teams + 3 more teams ranked 100 or worse in order to guarantee a conference championship and another meaningless bowl is not an option. I say another meaningless bowl, because it has become our custom to program guaranteed winning seasons and guaranteed invitation to bowls, and in doing so, we have made winning seasons and bowl games meaningless.

    Again, my opinion is that until such time as we can get invited into a P5 conference is to stay independent and schedule at first, 5 P5 teams plus 1 of the strongest G5 teams until we can learn how to play with the big boys well enough to win more than we lose of those games.
    The other games really don’t count in my way of thinking. Once we learn how to win 3 of those 5 P5 teams consistently, than program no less than 7 P5 teams and do what we have to do with the rest of the games to survive. Once we learn how to play at that level and win 4 of those 7 games, than go to 9 P5 teams and do what we need to do to survive with those other 3 games. Keep this up until we are winning 5 of those 9 games. Hopefully, all of this can be accomplished before the 2024 when the new TV contracts are about to be made and the new round of expansion is about to take place.

    In the meantime, if we have shown that we schedule like a P5 team, and we play like a P5 team, and we have learned to win our share of those P5 games, than we should look like the obvious P5 team that needs to be put into a P5 conference, that is of course, if we can stay out of controversey..

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