Sports Bros Podcast: Instant analysis: BYU at UCLA


In a special edition, the Sports Bros give instant analysis of BYU’s down-to-the-wire loss against #10 UCLA.

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  • ronalduharriet

    Week 3 BYU @ UCLA Rose Bowl
    By Ronald Uharriet 9/19/15

    WEEK  one Vs. Nebraska, in the last minutes of the game, BYU won with a successful Hail Mary. (33-28)

WEEK  two Vs. #20 Boise State, like with Nebraska, in the last minutes of the game, BYU won with successful Hail Mary.

    WEEK three vs #10, UCLA was dominated by #19 BYU in all areas until the last 3.5 minutes. (24-23 UCLA)

    Instead of continuing with the successful Hail Marry’s of Week one and of Week two, they changed the plan and by doing so, kicking a field goal instead of throwing the Hail Mary, they lost the game 23-24 to UCLA. (This change, gave the game to UCLA. 23-24)

    The game was 17 UCLA and 20 BYU. It was near the 20 yard line, ripe for scoring with 3.5 minutes to play. ) (4th and 4).
    Kicking the field goal made the score 17 UCLA and 23 BYU.

    If my math is correct, 3+3 =6    6+1 = 7  (7-6=1)  That is the amount that BYU game this game away. (1 pt.)  Scoring puts the ball into the hands of the foe with 3.5 minutes to play which is plenty of time to score a 6+1=7 point game and with proper clock management, which  gives the game to UCLA,

    17 UCLA   20 BYU with a hail Mary from around the 20 yard line, (like we did in game one and like we did in game 2, would put BYU 27   UCLA 17 BYU.   

    UCLA came back and scored in that 3.5 minutes, 7 points, making the score BYU 27 with the Hail Mary UCLA 24.  BYU wins by 3 points and goes up in the polls to around, #10.

    One could only imagine what euphoria would have existed, not only in Provo, but around the world, If this come from behind Independent team would have won the first three games, two of which are from very Respected P5 conferences, Big 10 and Pac 12,  and the other was ranked #20 but from the MWC.  BYU would have won each game in the last minutes with a Hail Mary from a Freshman Quarter back that has not thrown a ball in a game since high school 4 years ago. 

    Instead, not paying attention to the above math and the expected clock management of the foe, BYU abandoned the successful Hail Mary that we saw in games one and two, and gave the game to UCLA by replacing the hail Mary with the 3 point shot that cost BYU the game 23-24.  Go figure,

    Will BYU go back to the Hail Mary vs Michigan next week, or will they slide back to the normal season endings which for them, range from (8-4) to (10-2)

    If I were to give the coaches for BYU a report card grade, I would have to divide it into two parts.  Part 1 being the first
    56.5 minutes which would be A+.  Part two, the last 3.5 minutes, C-.  The average, you have to do that figuring.  I can’t.

    Thanks BYU for a great first 3 games that could have been the start of the first MIRACLE SEASON. (12-0) + 
    a rememberable bowl to follow.

  • Realistic Optimist

    Please tell me privately if not publicy, why my thinking is wrong. It must be wrong because 70,000 people were at the stadium wathching this game, and millions more watched it on TV, yet I have not heard or read one person see the loss the same as I did.

    In the last 3.5 minutes of the game, with 4th down, 7 yards to go, no time outs, and being in the red (blue) zone, and with the previous two games won by our Cougars in the last seconds of the game with Hail Marry’s, why did we not go for the 7 points intstead of the 3 points. Either way, UCLA gets the ball for the last 3.5 minutes to have clock management and win the game by 1 point if we go by 3 or lose the game if we go for 7.

    Why did we go for the 3 points instead of 7 points?

    • Realistic Optimist

      Not a reply, but a correction:

      “ win the game by 1 point if we go by 7 or lose the game if we go for 3″.