Sports Bros Podcast: BYU’s Quarterback Conundrum


Tonight the Bros talk about Tanner Mangum’s injury, the possibility of Taysom Hill coming back, and the future of the quarterback position at BYU.

The Bros discuss the Cougars win over ECU and the questions BYU Nation is wondering: How is Tanner Mangums hamstring?

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Aaron Kartchner

I'm another one of those kids who thinks he knows everything there is to know about BYU football/basketball and how it can get better. I mean heck, don't we all? But I really do have the answers. Seriously.

Little Bro of the Sports Bros tandem alongside Andrew Kartchner.


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  • If Taysom Hill does Red Shirt and return to BYU, we will have two seperate but equal
    Hero’s at QB, with Tanner Mangum being the other QB.

    Neither should be superior over the other and neither should under the other. Seperate but equal.

    12 games vs Mangum starting 6 games, and Hill altenating starting 6 games, each playing 2 altenating quartes per game.

    In most cases, playing two QB’s do not work and prove to be disasterious. This season.
    Ohio State is being very successful with this, and with the nature of these two QB hero’s, I am certain it would work.

    Neither would be overly tired. Both would be fresh for the full game. I am not worried about either of these two hero’s losing their rhythem.

    • interesting perspective. BYU has very little to go on with that type of circumstance, and what they do have to go on isn’t pretty. We are all for it, because you can NEVER have enough talent… as you pointed out Ohio State.

      • Little Bro,
        Think about it.
        We have one QB that is a runner that can also pass.
        The other QB is a passer that can also run.

        How does the opposing team practive vs this kind of an offensive when they don’t know who or when the QB will be at the helm.