The Sports Bros Podcast: BYU Tourney Bound? Taysom Hill Getting National Attention…

On the Sports Bros Podcast, the Bros will discuss the potential for BYU Hoops to reach the Big Dance.  Also, Taysom Hill getting national recognition for his improvements through the air. Check it out at 9:00 EST (7:00 MST) and tweet us at @SprotsBros to join in on the conversation live.


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Aaron Kartchner

I'm another one of those kids who thinks he knows everything there is to know about BYU football/basketball and how it can get better. I mean heck, don't we all? But I really do have the answers. Seriously.

Little Bro of the Sports Bros tandem alongside Andrew Kartchner.


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  • Haha soccer!

    Hit up BYU baseball too! Off to a rough start but it’s going to get better. Coach Littlewood is an outstanding coach and the BYU baseball program wl really blossom in the next few years.

  • Can’t wait to see BYU football this year. It’s nice to have a non-rookie QB who has great leadership skills own the team. Hopefully the stability in the season with less demanding teams comes true.