Sports Bros Podcast: BYU Sports: Looking Back and Looking Forward


It’s a new year already, a great time to look toward the future of BYU sports as well as reflect on 2016’s ups and downs.

BYU sports had a lot of headlines in 2016. Which was the biggest? Which sports teams do the fans think had the most success in 2016?

2017 promises to hold lots of fun stories as well, and the Bros will give you their headlines heading into the new year. Also, which sports are the fans most excited to watch in the new year?

Will all the talk be about BYU Football? What about the surprise baseball team, or even women’s volleyball squad? So many things to talk about, as BYU sports continues its tradition of excellence across the athletic landscape.

And, of course, the Bros explain what LaVell Edwards meant to them.

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Aaron Kartchner

I'm another one of those kids who thinks he knows everything there is to know about BYU football/basketball and how it can get better. I mean heck, don't we all? But I really do have the answers. Seriously.

Little Bro of the Sports Bros tandem alongside Andrew Kartchner.

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