Sports Bros Podcast: BYU Scheduling Wish List


Tonight the Bros ask and answer the eternal independent question: who should BYU schedule?

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Andy Kartchner

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  • Realistic Optimist

    I offer my Scheduling wish list and the reasons for those teams that I pick:

    (1). #1 Big 10 Ohio State; ( 2). #82 Big 12 Kansas; (3). #2 Big 12 TCU;

    (4) #80 Big 12 Iowa State; (5) BYEW Week; ( 6)#3 SEC Alabama; (7) #79 Big 10 Purdue;

    (8) #4 Pac 12 Oregon; (9) #78 ACC Wake forest; (10) # 5 Big 12 Baylor;

    (11) #76 SEC Vanderbilt; #(12) #6 Michigan State; (13) #73 ACC Syracuse.

    Of the 128 teams:

    the top 64 teams SHOULD BE, but it is not always the case, belonging to the P5 teams.
    The bottom 64 teams SHOULD BE, but it is not always the case, belonging to the G5 teams. Same goes for the strength of schedule. The above SOS average is: 40.75
    That would be us a long way from being among the best of the P5 teams, but also too high to be considered a cellar dweller. It is doable. Note that all teams are P5 teams. There are no FCS teams and there are no G5 teams. We are programing like, acting like a P5 conference team and the P5 conferences will notice that we are the only non P5 conference team that is acting like and fitting in like a P5 conference team.
    Alternating the very best of the P5 teams with the very worst of the P5 teams gives us a chance to regroup before each of the biggest games.