Sports Bros Podcast: Is BYU Hoops Letting Cougar Nation Down?


While football rests up for the bowl game, The Sports Bros shift their focus to basketball. Tis the season, right?

Entering the 2016 men’s basketball season, Dave Rose’s squad at BYU had higher expectations than perhaps any year under his tutilage, save Jimmer’s senior year. However, after a lackluster 6-3 start, the seasons seems to be waning.

Are the Lone Peak 3 of Nick Emery, Eric Mika and TJ Haws, really as good as we’ve hyped them up to be? They did win a high school national championship after all. But that was years ago. 

Mika has been the bright spot, but that’s about it. Big Bro in particular has a bone to pick with this years group, meanwhile little bro never really got to into this year as the year of expectations.

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Aaron Kartchner

I’m another one of those kids who thinks he knows everything there is to know about BYU football/basketball and how it can get better. I mean heck, don’t we all? But I really do have the answers. Seriously.

Little Bro of the Sports Bros tandem alongside Andrew Kartchner.

  • There’s little doubt Coach Rose is one of the best at taking the talent he has (which in most years is slightly above average) and getting the most out of it. However, this team if the hype surrounding these kids is legit, will provide Rose with an entirely different coaching challenge. It’s like he’s always had a decent engine to work with, like an older Chevy 350 or a 302 Ford. Fairly easy to work on and increase power output with some monkey wrenching and after market accessories. Now he has to use his coaching skills to fine tune what many believe is more like a Ferrari F136. Not the easiest or cheapest engine to keep running at peak performance.

    So this year is as big a test for Rose, as it is for his team. Can Rose get this racing engine running smooth and get the most power for the RPMs? Or will it continue to show spurts of it’s high octane potential only to sputter and backfire like it has in the first month of the season?

    The question is will Rose show himself to be a capable Formula One driver or a Sunday driver who’s never seen a clutch?

  • Keith Stepp

    I think the team’s immaturity is showing. These are all guys who dominated in high school and haven’t adjusted to the fact that they can’t just do anything they want at the college level. With most it is understandable. However, Emery started to look good last year toward the end of the season and now he looks more like the beginning of his freshman year. He is forcing bad shots, even inside. Why does he drive when it is one on three? Also, while he can play good defense he keeps cheating off his man. I’m sure he is looking for opportunities to help out inside or cherry pick an easy steal but what happens is he gets caught out of position on his own man. He can’t get back in time leaving his man with an open shot or someone else tries to rotate to cover his man and their man then pops the open three. I also do not understand the completely lazy passing. Four possessions in a row USC intercepted lateral passes between the guards above the key for fast break points. Two possessions later they did it again! After four in a row you’d think they’d learn. Then, they kept doing the same thing against Weber State. Fortunately, Weber wasn’t as quick so it only hurt a couple of times. This team does not seem to learn from their mistakes. It was the same last year. They did not learn from their mistakes. I realize that they are all offensive players and must have big egos but enough is enough. I don’t think they are being coached properly. They need more film study to see the crap they are doing.

  • Ironweed

    I think they may letting down the uneducated BYU fans of basketball. The hype surrounding these kids was absurd. College ball is much harder than high school ball. Maybe the hyped players will grow up and realize they are not that great after all. That they need to play their guts out in every game to be remotely close to becoming a championship caliber program. The current basketball team has a litany of problems: 1.) Lack of speed & athleticism (A perennial BYU problem). 2.) Poor defense 3.) Playing out of control leading to turnovers. 4.) Poor outside shooting 5.) A bad case of “We’re Awesome” overconfidence. 6.) A coaching staff that is drowsy at the wheel.

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