Sports Bros Podcast: BYU Football Expectations


Special guest Jared Lloyd of Cougarblue and the Daily Herald joins the podcast to talk about BYU fans’ and players’ expectations going into fall camp.

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  • Realistic Optimist

    Big Brother, Little Brother, and Lloyd. I love all three of you guys and I thank each of you for all that you do for the fans of our beloved BYU Cougars.

    Like each of you, I want and I hope for 4-0 in September. Like one of you mentioned, a
    3-1 for September is doable. I agree.

    What I believe is most likely, that would leave me satisfied for the season’s outcome, and without criticism —-

    (unless it is really obviouse that we blew it by giving the team off for rest and healing before any of the September games, or like any one of the coaches going on a family outting in ‘September),—–

    We will lose to UCLA and we will lose to Missouri.

    Boise State is a MUST win but it is far from being guaranteed and not at all a win that we can count on. For now, at best, we must call this game an unknow.

    The losses and the unknow result mentioned above is okay, IF, we beat Nebraska, Michigan, Cinn, and Utah State.

    It is a given that we beat #52 East Carolina, #155 FCS Wagner, #88 Fresno St.,
    #90 San Jose State. and #118 UCON. If we lose any of the games in this paragraph,
    we had better get a new HC or just quit football.


    I will give my greatful Thanks to the players the coaches and the AD, if we
    have a 9-3 season, as indicated above. (favored by the undecided) or

    8-4 season if the undecided goes against us.

    If we have a 7- 5 or worse season, I will be screaming for a new HC, dedicated to coaching football without spreading himself too thin.