Sports Bros Podcast: BYU brings fans back to earth with loss to Cal


After a week of hyped expectations, BYU football was brought back to earth with a loss to Cal at home. The loss has left fans asking a lot of questions: Was Arizona really that bad? Is Cal even good? Which team is the real BYU–the one that beat Arizona on the road or the one that laid an egg against Cal at home? What went wrong with the offense that seemed to be back on track last week? Has BYU even improved from last year? Did BYU fans overreact after BYU’s win over Arizona, and are they overreacting now after the home loss to Cal?

Tonight the Bros discuss these questions, along with the biggest question of the week: should Tanner Mangum be the long-term starter this year? If not, then when should Zach Wilson make his first collegiate start? Also, the Bros give their updated predictions for the 2018 season.

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Andy Kartchner

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