RSL: 2016 Season in Review

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How do you feel about what RSL was able to accomplish this year? Is sixth place enough of an improvement in your eyes? What players did you feel most encouraged by or disappointed in?

For me the decline of Javier Morales was a bit disconcerting. It’s looking like “Burrito” Martinez is more of a replacement than someone who will play alongside Javi in the long term. I was encouraged by how many shots Yura Movsisyan got that were very close to being goals, but the goalpost was his biggest enemy this year. Here’s to ironing out those issues vs the Galaxy, and moving forward to next year.

Your friends over at our RSL Podcast, aka @TBS_Touchline – currently on hiatus – would like you to know:

Me: “Doing an RSL 2016 season in review write up. Anything you’d want to express to the RSL fans out there guys?”

Brett: “Yeah. We suck. The end.”

Me: #FireCassar or what?

Richard: “Major changes need to be had. Either the coaches or a bunch of core players or both. It’s not working.”

Me: “With the talent level we have this finish was hugely disappointing.”

Richard: “Our attack was the most disappointing. Too much money spent up there to have so little production. They weren’t helped by our super slow midfield.”

As you might have heard RSL has no other option but to win or go home, or the season’s end we envisioned earlier in the year will have become an ephemeral dream. Extending Yura Movsisyan recently shows the fans how committed RSL is to this current core. Beckerman and Rimando and Javier Morales may be nearing retirement but they’re all still quite effective (Javi and Beckerman less so than Nick). The team is in win-now mode, with the future already planned for and arriving fast. Justen Glad’s development has been fun but what will RSL do to bolster the midfield with a player of Beckerman’s caliber nearing retirement?

With the match in LA looming on Wednesday what are your predictions? Will we see RSL get blown out like we saw earlier in the year? Or will our attack finally gain some traction when it matters most? They scored one point in Seattle, but I don’t think one goal will be enough to beat the Galaxy. Whatever happens I know that all of you are “here for RSL.”

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