Rivalries With Super Bowl Implications In 2014

Article by Stefan Davis

There are plenty of rivalries in the NFL, but the fact of the matter is, both
teams are not always at the top of their game. Below is a look at some of the best rivalries heading into the 2014 season. All teams listed have plenty of fantasy football standouts, and how each team plays against their rival could have playoff and Super Bowl implications.

Seattle Seahawks – San Francisco 49ers

Right now, this is the biggest rivalry in the NFL. These two teams are legitimate Super Bowl contenders, and there is some bad blood surrounding them as well. Seattle barely got by San Francisco in the playoffs last year, on their way to their first ever Super Bowl. With Richard Sherman leading the trash talking, this rivalry won’t be dying soon.

Chicago Bears – Green Bay Packers

This rivalry has been going on forever, and it will be pretty heated in 2014.
Both squads will be able to put up outstanding fantasy football numbers on offense this year, but their defense will determine how far they’re able to go in the playoffs. Along with Detroit and Minnesota, the NFC North is loaded this year.

New England Patriots – New York Jets

The rivalry has been somewhat one-sided the last few years, but things are
coming along nicely heading into 2014. The New York Jets are improved from a year ago, and of course New England is going to be right there in the thick of things once again. The Miami Dolphins might have something to say about the division and who wins, but the bad blood is definitely between these 2 teams in the Northeast. Expect the Patriots to once again win the division, but New York has made sure that they are right there as thorns in their side yet again.

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