Resolutions Our Teams Should Make in 2014

Utah LogoSure, it’s January 15 already so maybe you are thinking, “Why is this guy talking resolutions still?  Haven’t we all given up on ours already?”  And maybe you have.  Me, I have several of them swirling around in my head, not the least of which was a commitment to this blog to write more often (I mean, Grant only pursued me for about a year before I came over and then I practically quit on him.)  So, resolutions got me thinking, what are some of the resolutions those in the sports arena in Utah should make in 2014.  What do you think?

BYU Football

taysomI’m a BYU guy first and foremost so it makes sense that I’d start here.  But oh, where do I start?  There seems to be so many options to choose from, so how does one choose?  Well, with all the challenges, I think the BYU football team needs to commit to consistency in 2014.  That starts at the top, but I want to focus this point specifically on the offense.  Robert Anae’s offensive philosophy required six games in 2013 to really take hold and then it was up and down from there.  There can be no more excuses of give us time.  The team will have an experienced junior quarterback and a studly third year running back in Taysom Hill and Jamaal Williams, who combined for over 2700 yards of total offense, or nearly 34% of BYU’s total offense in 2013.  The offensive line will have a year under their belts and tons of experience.  The projected two-deep has over 160 games played and more than 80 combined starts.  The only wild card will be the receiving corps; can they show up this year without Cody Hoffman to carry the weight?  I’d like to say, will it matter? but that is not a question I’d like to entertain.  I think that Hill needs to reduce the number of yards rushing as well as attempts in favor of more touches to Williams and passes to these receivers.

Resolution: Be consistent

BYU Basketball

BYU Hoops HuddleWhy not go here next?  I think the commitment here is obvious as we’ve already seen the fruits of it over the past several games; defense.  That’s it.  Play defense.  Commit to it, play like you are proud to be a Cougar, and play defense.  The team is talented enough that offense will come.  They may not be droppin threes like the days of Jimmer yore, but they are bigger and more talented and scoring in the transition will be easy if they only just commit to defense.

Resolution: Play defense

Utah Jazz

UtahJazz1Can I just say lose baby, lose?  I’m not going to.  I would like to see them actually continue on the path that they are on.  Yes, I know that it means they may lose in the race for “Riggin for Wiggin” or “Sorry for Jabari” but there are enough good team-altering players in the top seven that I don’t think its that big of a deal and these top three (including Julius Randle) just aren’t going to be a huge difference maker on this team.  I’m going to write more about this in the next post, so I don’t want to spoil it too much.  I want to see them commit though.  Commit to their coaching staff.  I don’t get what they want from Ty Corbin.  I know the expectation publicly is improve on defense and make progress, whatever that all means.  But he’s winning with a team that nobody expected anything out of and despite losing 14 of 15 games to start the season, he kept this team together.  Sure, there are sexier names out there that the Jazz could get, but Corbin is doing about as good a job as I could have expected from him.

Resolution: Commit to the coach


RSL FlagI’m going to start by saying I just don’t have enough info in my arsenal to really dive in here.  I do see one thing that I hope they can commit to in 2014; stay the course.  This team wasn’t expected to do much of anything and very nearly won its second MLS Cup in former head coach Jason Kreis’ swan song.  This team is wildly enjoyable to watch and if the but stay the course and continue to play as a team, I’ll continue to Believe in them and I’ll be “here for RSL.”

Resolution: Stay the course

So fellow Utah sports fan, what do you think?  I was going to give a go to some resolutions for the Utes programs, but even when I’m being as fair as I think I can, I get beat up for being a homer, so I’ll let you suggest some Ute resolutions in the comments below.  Am I right or am I up in the night?  Only you can tell.

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