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BYU Basketball Recruiting Guide

The BYU basketball season has been finished since their Sweet Sixteen exit in the NCAA tournament, but with the dull of the dual lockouts, I’ve had a lot of time to look over the Cougar’s college teams, who will never have a labor negotiating session or lockouts. BYU is going to have to deal with this question until the season kicks off in November: who is going to replace The Jimmer?

Coach Rose realizes that it will likely be an insurmountable task to replace the player of the year. Only two teams in the last ten years (2001 Duke, 2010 Ohio State) have been able to match their production in the next season, and it may be in part of getting a star of the same caliber (Jason Williams, JD Sullinger) that helps keep the team going. BYU also has to deal with the loss of Jackson Emery, Kyle Collinsworth and Logan Magnusson, as well as the uncertain future of Brandon Davies.

The team does get to welcome newcomers Matt Carlino (in mid or late December), Josh Sharp and DeMarcus Harrison, three players who should be able to help chip away at the 41 points Emery and Fredette voided upon their departure.

Here is what the 2011-2012 starting lineup could look like:

G         Anson Winder

G         DeMarcus Harrison

G/F      Charles Abuou

F          Noah Hartsock

F          Brandon Davies

Bench:             Josh Sharp (G/F), Matt Carlino (G), Chris Collinsworth (F), Nick Martineau (G), Stephen Rogers (F), Brock Zylstra (G/F), Nate Austin (C), Ian Harward (C)

This roster has a lot of youth on it, especially with the guards. Harrison, and Sharp will be in their first year with the team, having just begun taking classes or transferring from another program. Winder is coming off of a redshirt year with the team, and should not have a difficult of a time transitioning to the starting rotation. The question is Matt Carlino, who transferred from UCLA. He should be the starting point guard once he is eligible to play at the end of December. Anson is really more of a 2-guard, and would benefit from having a true point play alongside him.

Nate Austin and Ian Harward are similar players, in that they are tall and skinny, as well as recently returning from a mission. Nate Austin was rated to have the same impact as Kyle Collinsworth, albeit at a different position. The hope is that they will develop inside while led by Davies and Chris Collinsworth, who needs to work hard in rehab in order to return for the upcoming season.

Tyler Haws highlights the “recruiting class” of 2012, and his return should help a team led by senior Brandon Davies to make it back into the top 25.

Here’s what the starting lineup could look like in 2012-2013:

G         Matt Carlino

G         Anson Winder

G         DeMarcus Harrison

F          Brandon Davies

F          Chris Collinsworth

Bench:             Josh Sharp (G/F), Tyler Haws (G), Kyle Collinsworth (G/F), Nate Austin (C), Ian Harward (C), Nick Martineau (G), Stephen Rogers (F), Calaen Robinson (G), Dominique Bull (G)

Tyler will likely start the season off of the bench while his body acclimates to the stresses of basketball, but could start by the end of the season. BYU is targeting Calaen Robinson, a highly rated point guard from Tempe, AZ, who would be a valuable backup to Carlino. They are also working on recruiting Dominique Bull, a two guard from New Hampshire, who is a slasher that excels at getting to the rim. They would have a hard time cracking the starting rotation, but could see time off of the bench.

This team seems as similar to me as the 2009-2010 team. Jimmer was entering his groove, and you could tell that the team was beginning to mesh together well. They weren’t quite there, but with a little experience they could go a long ways. This season will be interesting as well to see if Carlino remains the starter. The decision to keep him as the starter will have to wait until he begins playing. Coach Rose would also have to consider how Robinson would help the offense flow if he was starting rather than coming off of the bench. The second unit has a lot of next year starters, and could help fuel a WCC championship by supplementing the starting unit’s production.

The really exciting prospects come in 2013 however. That’s when Coach Rose will potentially welcome one of the best high school players in the nation, Jabari Parker. Parker plays for the U18 US team while attending Simeon High School in Chicago, a school that recently graduated a player named Derrick Rose. Scouts have compared Jabari’s game to Kevin Durant and Grant Hill. With two years of coaching for Carlino and Harrison, as well as the transition time that comes with returning from a mission for Tyler Haws and Kyle Collinsworth, the Cougar team in 2013 could be a scary good team. Parker hasn’t committed to a school, but BYU is in the running for the talented player. He has said that he is considering BYU, in part because he is a member of the LDS faith. ESPN recruiting page says he has, “off the charts upside.”

Here’s what Coach Rose would trot out on game night 2013-2014 season:

G         Matt Carlino

G         Tyler Haws

G         Anson Winder

F          Jabari Parker

F          Nate Austin

Bench:             DeMarcus Harrison (G), Calaen Robinson (G), Dominique Bull (G), Josh Sharp (G/F), Kyle Collinsworth (G/F), Ian Harward (C), Nick Emery (G)

That team would have a savvy point guard, two shooters playing behind the arc, another player of the year candidate, and a mature center manning the middle of the BYU zone. If Coach Rose is able to snag Parker from the likes of college basketball giants Michigan State, Duke, Washington, Illinois, and Kansas, then BYU would be in the national title hunt with the amount of talent that would be on display in the Marriott Center. Plus, the Cougars would welcome in the brother of Jackson, and they have played well for BYU in the past.

This team would be a quick, fast, athletic team that also has the ability to step outside and knock down the 3 point shot. Carlino would be in his fourth year with the program, Robinson has pushed past his freshman season, and the team would be conditioned and ready to run. This would be a team that could make a title run by playing an up-tempo style of basketball combined with key stops on defense and limiting mistakes. UConn may have shown that one or two players combined with solid defense wins championships this year, but Butler isn’t likely to be making the Final Four year after year.

Sadly, unless Parker plans on serving a mission, he is likely to jump to the NBA after one season with whatever school he decides to attend. Whatever success BYU attains in the 2013 season isn’t likely to be replicated the previous season, and the rebuilding process starts over again. Maybe we should just call it the Jimmer Effect. Hopefully Cougar fans will be excited that the loss of Jimmer could land us Jabari.


I realize that many of these prospects have not committed to BYU upon publishing this article. However, this is an opinion piece, not an analysis of the current situation. If you have comments, post below or hit me up on twitter @minutemandan and give me feedback.

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  • Lance Archibald

    It’s fun to look at the future roster and depth chart. Thanks for taking the time to put this together. Just a couple of corrections, it’s my understanding that DeMarcus Harrison plans to serve a mission after his freshman year, and Kyle Collinsworth wouldn’t be back from his mission for the 2012-2013 season yet.

    • Daniel

      Thanks for the corrections. It’s difficult to keep track of BYU players and when they will be playing due to the mission option. As long as Collinsworth is ready for 2013 when Jabari Parker comes to Provo, I’ll be happy.

  • Ralph J

    Also, Chris Collinsworth was given an extra year for medical redshirt so he would be a senior in the 2013-14 season and get another chance to play with Kyle when he returns from the mission field.

    I also noted that you don’t have Jordan Chatman in your roster. I think he’s pretty much a lock to come to BYU. If you left him off because of a lack of scholarships, you can figure that at some point a forgotten player like Nick Martineau will step up and relinquish his scholarship so that Rose can continue to stockpile talent.

    Last, I’m willing to bet that Jordan Loveridge ends up in Cougar blue. Regardless, we will bbe deep and talented for many years and should see Rose and BYU build on last year’s success with several more runs in the NCAA tourney. It’s nice to see the program finally turn the corner.

    • Daniel

      I think it all adds up to an excellent season in 2013. Jordan Chatman gives BYU a lot of depth with the guards, and if Loveridge and Parker are as good as promised, then this would be a good young team. In the end, I’m just happy to think of BYU post-Jimmer and not be depressed.