Reality Check Utah vs Utah State: Some Crow, Mostly Attaboys

The other day I served up a six-pack of predictions for the Utah vs. Utah State football game Thursday night.

It’s time now to see how I faired in predicting the outcome of the game.

First, I said Utah’s offense would be better in last night’s game than the unit that took the field in Logan last year. I think that revelation came on the very first drive of the game as sophomore quarterback Travis Wilson marched the Utes down the field, finding Dres Anderson in the back of the endzone to give his team a 7-0 lead. Yes, Wilson’s gang had their struggles at times last night, but, overall, were much more efficient than last year’s group. Attaboy!

Second, I said Utah would run for over 100 yards and still give up more yardage to the Utah State Aggies. Both those predictions came true although I expected Kelvin York and company to be even better than they were last night. I knew Chuckie Keeton and Joe Hill would be a major challenge for Utah’s defense. Attaboy!

Third, I predicted Travis Wilson would have a better passing game than Chuckie Keeton. Wrong! Both players were very good in the passing game although the slight edge goes to the man in blue. Keeton was 31-40 for 314 yards and two touchdowns. Wilson wasn’t as good in completion percentage although his yardage per completion was much better. The sophomore was 17 for 28 for 302 yards and two scores. Keeton did turn the ball over once on a fumble while Wilson had a clean game. I’ll go ahead and eat some crow on this one.

Fourth, I said discipline would be a major issue in the game. I expected both sides would have a difficult time maintaining their composure. Poor discipline, however, was mostly a one-sided affair with the Aggies making one mental mistake after another in the first half. Utah may have been in big trouble had it not been for a penalty-ridden drive that lead to a second touchdown and a 14-3 lead. Attaboy!

Fifth, I predicted that the game would be closer than fans on either side of the rivalry expected and yet Utah would cover the
spread. I’m pretty good at this prediction thing eh? Utah led by 11 at one point while Utah State rallied for a nine point lead early in the third. I wasn’t always sure the game would end up being all that close but it sure was a fun, nail-biting ordeal. A late field goal finally pushed the Utes ahead of the spread. In fact, my final score prediction of 30-24 wasn’t all that different from the actual score. Attaboy!

Sixth, I anticipated that BYU fans would claim before, during and after the game that, regardless of the outcome, they would beat both teams because Kyle Van Noy and Cody Hoffman are that good. That was an unfair prediction, really, because that’s just a natural reaction from those folks. I’ll go ahead and predict right now that the Cougars will have a difficult time when they head to Logan in a few weeks. That’s a very good football team that is bound to get even better as the season goes on. And we all know how BYU faired the last time Utah was in Provo. Attaboy!

Next up, Utah gets Weber State at home on Saturday, Sep. 7. I’ll have a new set of predictions for that game. We’ll see if I can go 5-1 again.

Feel free to hit me up on twitter, @mhugie, on Facebook,, or by email,, with Utah football predictions of your own. I’d be happy to weigh in on those as well!

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A graduate of Weber State University, my day job is journalism as the Assistant News Director for KPVI-TV based in Pocatello, Idaho. My passion is sports particularly the University of Utah. I've been going to games as long as I can remember and it's the best way I know how to honor a loving father who took me to games when I was a young buck but passed on to the other side far too soon. Now I take my smokin' hot wife at least until she gets too pregnant with our first to attend.

  • Sanchez

    Wilson fumbled as much as Keeton and more than Keaton.

    • Matt Hugie

      You’re absolutely correct with the difference being that Keeton was credited with a turnover whereas Wilson was not. Again, my prediction that Wilson would have a better passing game than Keeton was bold and Travis came up short, but not by much.