Rapid Reaction: Recapping BYU vs. Houston

Wow! What a wild ride. That was definitely not the game I expected to see (see my preview) but I have to say it was entertaining. In the mood of a win and looking at the positives, here are few of my take-aways from the game.

An Offensive Explosion:

The offense we hoped to see earlier in the season has finally arrived with BYU exploding for 681 yards of total offense in the game today. Taysom Hill put together a solid game despite the three INT’s and threw for 417 yards (had not gone over 300 this season) and rushed for another 128. Hopefully he can recover from all the use he had in this game (44 pass, 34 rush, 8 sacks) before Friday’s game against BSU. There is more rhythm to the offense (except in the 3rd quarter of games-my last negative point) and the receivers are making plays. This is the ‘Go Fast, Go Hard’ offense Robert Anae envisioned BYU could become. I think many people owe Hill an apology for saying that he can’t throw the football.

Defense gets a Mulligan: For the first time in a couple of years the offense had to bail the defense out of a game. You could argue that the offense gave away 9 points and put the defense in hard spots but the offense won the game today. I am willing to let the defense off the hook because they are the reason BYU has had success over the past two season but I will be looking for some improvement against the deep pass, even with a short week.

Hoffman Record:

It didn’t take long for Cody Hoffman to get his record-setting reception as Hill hit Hoffman on BYU’s first play from scrimmage. Hoffman had a big game for the cougars with 7 receptions for 156 yards and 1 TD. For the second week in a row he made an impressive touchdown catch while drawing pass interference. We will see how many other records he sets over the next few games.

Stat of the Game:

Two. Playing in his home state Ross Apo had the first two touchdown catches for BYU. The touchdowns were his first since the Georgia Tech game in 2012. I have always held high expectations for Apo and have felt that he has under achieved. Looking to the future without Cody Hoffman I hope Ross Apo can elevate his game to have a bigger impact the rest of this season and next year. Note: I do give him some slack for the past few seasons because it seemed that every time Riley Nelson tried to throw him the ball it was on his shoes.

Up Next:

BYU will face Boise State (5-2, 3-1 MWC) Friday night in Provo. Watch for my Preview & Predictions coming next week.

Prediction Recount:

Each week I will review the predictions I made in my game preview:

1- BYU totals over 500 yard of offense: Got it. They almost got there in the 1st half.

2- BYU wins the turnover battle: Both teams had 3 turnovers but I will make the case that when you are playing the #1 team in turnover margin, a tie is a win.

3- BYU 37, GT 17: This prediction was out the window in about the first five minutes and definitely by halftime. BYU did get the win though, 4 in a row.

–What was your take-away from the game? Post below…–

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