Q & A with Utah Prospect Osa Masina

Osa Masina, Brighton High School
Osa Masina, Brighton High School

Osa Masina, the younger brother of the University of Utah’s freshman linebacker Uaea Masina, is turning heads around the country as a soon-to-be Junior from Brighton High School. At 6’4”, 210 lbs. he has the size to play at the next level, but it’s his athleticism that’s made him one of the state’s biggest recruits in recent memory. After an all-state sophomore season that included 706 yards rushing on 108 carries for 9 touchdowns, 37 tackles, and even three touchdown passes, Osa is making college coaches drool nationwide. With 10 schools battling for his talents already: Oregon, Michigan, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Stanford, Utah, BYU, USU, UCLA, and Washington; many more are sure to follow. I had the chance to catch up with Masina and although he isn’t a man of many words, his game does plenty of talking.

Osa Masina at Nike Football Training Camp
Osa Masina at Nike Football Training Camp

@UTESOFUTAH: What influence has Uaea your older brother had on you throughout your life? And in playing football? Osa: He’s been a great influence on me. Uaea made it look easy for me playing with him in high school.

How was it to play at Brighton High with Uaea last year? Great. Made it even more fun

What is the recruiting process like? Is if fun? Stressful and why? It is a little overwhelming with school and all, but it’s fun. Kind of crazy at times but it’s fun for me and my family.

What have been some of the coolest experiences you’ve had in the recruiting process? I took unofficial visits to Washington, Oregon state and Oregon. Great experiences.

What has been negative or the part of recruiting you dislike the least? Reporters for websites (he said with a grin!)

What factors are going into your decision? Not sure yet. Just if I see myself living there and playing ball there.

What’s your favorite memory of playing football growing up? Scoring a touchdown in little league right up the middle run untouched.

What’s your favorite thing about football? Scoring touchdowns and getting sacks.

As a kid, who were your favorite professional  teams? The Jazz are my team.

What are some of your hobbies? Playing every sport I can.

Now the question is, can the Utes get Osa to follow in Uaea’s footsteps up the hill? Let’s hope so. Look for more Q & A’s here or give me a follow at @utesofutah.