Preview and Prediction: BYU vs UCONN

We are just days away from another season of BYU football. For me, the time has actually gone pretty fast as I am still in awe that we will be viewing our first college football games this week and most importantly, BYU vs UCONN (Friday, 5pm MT).


BYU football has never faced UCONN but that does not mean that there is no history. After a dismal 2013 campaign, UCONN hired new head coach Bob Diaco. Who is Bob Diaco? Diaco was the defensive coordinator for Notre Dame from 2009-2013. In 2012 he won the award for the nation’s top assistant coach after leading ND to the 2nd best defense in the country, propelling them to the national title game. BYU played Notre Dame that season and scored just 14 points. In 2013 BYU scored just 13 points against the Diaco defense. The point I am trying to make is that UCONN knows more about BYU and BYU knows more about UCONN than you would expect from two teams who have never played each other.  Diaco has had success against BYU schemes and will have UCONN well prepared for BYU, he just may not have the personnel.


I think every BYU fan will be watching for the same thing in the first game. Has the offensive line improved as much as the coaches and some college football insiders report? We will see. I am not referencing their ability to create for the running game. The BYU rushing attack was fine last season. I am talking about being able to pass protect for Hill. Hill was sacked 37 times last season and takes so many hits on designed run plays and scrambles. BYU also will be without RB Jamaal Wiliams due to a suspension. What this means is that Hill is going to be keeping the ball more (and he already keeps it a lot-who can blame him?) on read plays. I think I will be counting how many hits Hill takes throughout the game.

Stat of the Game:

I am going to go with the magic 300 yard passing number.  In games that Hill passed for 300 yards last season BYU scored an average of 42 points and won both games against worthy opponents, Houston and Boise State. BYU is most dangerous when they can throw the ball.


BYU 31, UCONN 17


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