Poor Effort from Utah Results in Blowout to Stanford

The Utes technically had a game Sunday night against the Stanford Cardinal. They physically showed
up, the ball was tipped and 40 minutes of basketball were played, but that’s about it. The turnovers
continued and the uninspired play was in full force. As someone who supports Larry Krystkowiak and
believes he can turn around the Utes, this performance certainly didn’t earn my vote of confidence.
From the get go you could tell it was going to be a long night as the Utes turned the ball over twice
in their first three possessions. The closest Utah got in the second half was 13 and only one player,
freshman Justin Seymour, scored in double figures. Watching opponents shoot three’s at a high level
is also something that has become routine, Stanford kept that trend going by hitting 9 of 15 from
downtown. Ute fans, me included, have been saying to be patient with this group and give them time,
but to continually see these kinds of games is pretty disheartening. What has to change? How do you
go up to Seattle and beat a pretty good Washington team and come home just to derp it up against
California and Stanford?

Utah has had a few of these types of games this season, but they are starting to happen more
frequently. Has Larry lost his team? Do they feel they’ve improved enough and can just mail it in from
here on out? It doesn’t help that the game was on a Sunday night with heavy snow coming down in Salt
Lake City. Not too many people were there and judging by how the game went, maybe it wasn’t such a
bad thing. After the game Larry called this the low point of his time coaching at Utah. The weekly press
conference that takes place every Monday was cancelled as well and Krystkowiak said that practice
on Tuesday would be a football practice. What that means, no one really knows, but some mental
toughness and fire from the team is very much needed. If they’re going to lose every game, at least
show some fight and some determination.

Utah travels to Oregon to take on the Beavers and the Ducks. Oregon State has struggled this season
and is 1-6 in conference play while Oregon is 7-0 in conference play and will likely be ranked in the top
10 when the Utes come to town. After this performance against Stanford it’s hard to say that any game
is winnable, but if they are going to steal one, chances are it will be against the Beavers. The Utes could
be totally lost if this road trip goes as bad as this home stand did. It’s time to step it up and get some
wins Utah.