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 Michigan @ Michigan State

Graham: Michigan; Alex: Michigan; Grant O: Michigan; Dog: Michigan; JimmieChesh: Michigan; Christian: Michigan; DJ Hall: Michigan; Grant: Michigan; Jake: MSU; Deuce: Michigan

Christian: Michigan’s offense is too much for the Spartans to keep up with.  MSU boasts a strong defense but does not have the offense that can hang with Michigan and dual threat Shoelace Robinson.  Michigan 35- MSU 24

DJ Hall: Stellar defense vs high-octane offense. 4-1 vs 6-0. This will be a great game. Michigan State has only allowed one team to score more than one touchdown: Notre Dame. But Notre Dame is also the only real competition they’ve had thus far. Michigan beat Notre Dame and steam rolled Minnesota. Denard Robinson is a blast to watch and has been pretty much untouchable so far this season. I expect him to continue to run and throw the ball well to get the win for the Wolverines in front of the Michigan State crowd. Michigan 27-20.

Jake: Michigan State only has one loss to a ND team that should have beaten Michigan if not for a couple of defensive miscues and Denard Robinson answered prayers.  The Spartans’ defense is 3rd in the nation in points allowed and should be able to contain Robinson.  The only way MSU loses this game is if they are looking ahead to Wisconsin next week.

 Baylor @ Texas A&M

Graham: Texas A&M; Alex: Baylor; Grant O: Baylor; Dog: Texas A&M; JimmieChesh: Texas A&M; Christian: Texas A&M; DJ Hall: Baylor; Grant: Baylor; Jake: Baylor

Christian: Baylor is one of the only offenses around that is better than A&M’s.  Baylor has notplayed quality competition since their season opening win against TCU.  They only have one loss against a decent Kansas State team.  A &M has seen a lot of quality competition and lost some early season games, but they finally found the winning formula.  It will be another Big 12 shootout.  A&M 38-Baylor 31

DJ Hall: Robert Griffin III is top 3 quarterback material. He has been on fire. After week 4 he had more touchdown passes than incompletions! That’s insane. Texas A&M finally got a close win again vs Texas Tech.  Baylor has yet to be tested and I see this as their first true test. The Aggies have lost both their tough games. I really don’t know how to call this game. Neither team can play defense and both have awesome offenses.  I think I need to go with my guy instead of logic. I take Baylor 42-40.

Jake: So far, A&M is 2-2 at home and 0-2 against ranked opponents.  Baylor has had one hiccup game at Kansas State where they lost by a point.  Neither defense is very good so there will be a lot of points scored.  Look for Baylor QB Robert Griffin III to take over this game.  Baylor cruises.

 Utah @ Pitt

Graham: Utah; Alex: Pitt; Grant O: Pitt; Dog: Pitt; JimmieChesh: Pitt; Christian: Pitt; DJ Hall: Pitt; Grant: Utah; Jake: Pitt; Deuce: Utah

Christian: As the Utes are getting sed to a new quarterback under center, the offense will depend on running back White IV.  The Utes will not be able to score very many points as the Pittsburgh defense will key on the run and challenge Hays to beat them with his arm.  It will be a close one won by the Panthers in the fourth quarter.  Pitt 24- Utah 17

DJ Hall: Both teams have 3 losses early in the season and both have had a huge victory. Utah thrashed BYU 54-10 and Pitt dismantled USF 44-17. But with Jordan Wynn out the rest of the year, it’s not looking so great for Utah. Hays was good last game, but he made rookie mistakes and just had too many interceptions. I think he’ll do a little better this game, but Utah just won’t be able to get it together in time. Pitt wins 21-17.

Jake: Despite losing two in a row and three of the last four, Utah still has a pretty good team.  Pitt is hard to figure out, scoring 44 against South Florida and laying an egg at Rutgers (only scoring ten points).  I’m basing my prediction solely on home field advantage.  Pitt RB Ray Graham has rushed for more than 200 yards twice this year, both times at home, and I’d expect him to do it again despite Utah’s somewhat stingy run defense.

Oklahoma St @ Texas

Graham: OK State; Alex: OK State; Grant O: OK State; Dog: OK State; JimmieChesh: OK State; Christian: OK State; DJ Hall: OK State; Grant: OK State; Jake: OK State; Deuce: OK State

Christian: The Longhorns have struggled against their best competition this year. Oklahoma State can score on anybody. The Longhorns will struggle to keep up; combine that with the lack of experience at QB and it could be a long day for Texas.  Oklahoma State 41- Texas 21

DJ Hall: Texas is just not that good. They should not be ranked. Oklahoma showed just how weak they can be. Oklahoma State on the other hand is unbeaten and on fire. They put up 70 points last week against Kansas and beat a very good Texas A&M team. I don’t think they will destroy Texas, but they will make sure it’s not much of a game. Oklahoma State 35-21.

Jake: Before last week, the last team I remember putting up 70 points against a BCS opponent was Oklahoma in 2003 when they beat Texas A&M 77-0.  Oklahoma State beat Kansas last week 70-28.  I’m very high on this Oklahoma State team and not yet sold on Texas who has yet to pick up a marquee win this season.  The Cowboys come into Austin and take it to the Longhorns.

BYU @ Oregon State

Graham: Oregon State; Alex: BYU; Grant O: BYU; Dog: BYU; JimmieChesh: BYU; Christian: BYU; DJ Hall: BYU; Grant: BYU; Jake: BYU; Deuce: Oregon State

Christian: It seems as if the Beavers have finally awoken for the season right in time for a visit from the Cougars.  At the same time, it appears that the BYU offense has done the same thing with the injection of Riley Nelson into the lineup.  OSU has finally started playing better, but their only win has come against struggling Arizona.  The Cougars will win another close game.  BYU 21-OSU 17

DJ Hall: Talk about two teams that have disappointed. I don’t think Oregon State is as bad as their record might suggest and that makes me a little worried. I think BYU is the better and more talented team and will be able to move the ball against Oregon State’s defense. Oregon is led by a decent true freshman at quarterback, but he has been inconsistent. I expect Riley to start but Heaps to get some playing time this week. Michael Alisa was a great discovery and he will continue to run the ball well. I take BYU to win 24-14.

Jake: Despite being 1-4, the Beavers should be able to contend well with BYU.  It will be interesting to see how BYU QB Riley Nelson fairs against better competition than SJSU last week.  If Riley struggles, it will be a long day for the Cougars.  Nelson should be fine, the defense will frustrate the Beavers, and BYU leaves Corvallis with the W.

Utah State @ Fresno State

Graham: USU; Alex: USU; Grant O: USU; Dog: USU; Deuce: USU; JimmieChesh: USU; Christian: USU; DJ Hall: USU; Grant: USU; Jake: USU; Deuce: USU

Christian: The Aggies are looking to build a little momentum this season as they open their WAC season.  Fresno State is looking to come back from a devastating loss to Boise State.  FSU has played some solid competition this year, but has not fared well so far.  The Aggies are looking to win a close game finally and they will get their chance in this game.  USU 35- FSU 28

DJ Hall: Utah State outperformed my expectations against Wyoming. They are just super talented. Fresno State got demolished by Boise State and I believe Utah State is every bit as talented as Boise. This game won’t even be close. Keeton will throw for 3 touchdowns and Turbin will run his usual 2 as well. Utah State 42-17.

Jake: The Aggies finally got the 4th quarter monkey off their back last week.  They were actually able to extend the lead in the second half where they had been plagued all season long.  Fresno State is 2-4 with arguably one of the toughest schedules so far and should be tough to beat.  USU RB Robert Turbin has become the work horse for the Aggies averaging over six yards per carry this season.  The Bulldogs, on the other hand, have held the opponent to under 100 yards rushing only once this season.  Look for Turbin to run all over this FSU defense.

Arizona State @ Oregon

Graham: Oregon; Alex: Oregon; Dog: Oregon; JimmieChesh: Oregon; Christian: Oregon; DJ Hall: Oregon; Grant: Oregon; Jake: Oregon; Deuce: Oregon

Christian: The Sun Devils have been playing very well as of late but they cannot hang with the Duck offense.  The status of superstar LaMichael James is questionable for this game, but unfortunately for the Sun Devils, it will only determine how much they lose by.  The Ducks will have a backup step up for James if he is unable to play.  Oregon will pull away after a close first half, and win by almost three touchdowns.  Oregon 41- ASU 24

DJ Hall: Wow, I wanna watch this game. Oregon isn’t as good as expected, but they are still a great team and Arizona State is beating some good teams. I do think Arizona is going up against the best team so far this year in Oregon and that Oregon has gotten better since being embarrassed by LSU. I think that this will be a close game with Oregon topping Arizona State. Oregon wins 35-27.

Jake: Wow. The real question is, “will LaMichael James play?”  And if the star RB does play, will he be effective with a healing dislocated shoulder?  If James were healthy, Oregon would win this one without any problems.  If James is out, look for the Sun Devils’ defense to pressure the QB and give the Ducks’ offense fits.  I do expect Oregon to score less than their 50.2 average but they should still be able to pull off the win.


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  • I’m shocked that no one picked Fresno State. I actually went back and forth on that pick for a while.

  • Dog, After the way Boise state beat them it’s hard to believe they might be able to beat a team that so nearlu beat Auburn. Also, I think Wyoming would give Fresno State a good game and Utah St had no problem with Wyoming.