Oregon vs Utah 2015 Part 2

BYE weeks are soooo long.  Back by popular demand is a breakdown of a few more plays from the Oregon vs Utah game.


Caleb Repp’s 1st TD Catch

Here is the presnap look.  Oregon has stacked the box with the intention of stopping the run.  Travis does a great job identifying that Caleb Repp, 6’5″ athletic WR,  is in single coverage.




I think Repp does a great job creating some seperation between him and the DB.  Being 6’5″ gives him pretty good extension with his arms as he makes contact with the DB.   He makes contact with the DB and then immediately fades into the corner of the EZ.  He turns his body to be able to shield the defender from his back shoulder.  I give Caleb an A for his technique on this play.



The Oregon secondary is clearly just awful, but on this particular play the Oregon DB played it as well as he could have.  The way Caleb ran this route and the way Travis Wilson threw this ball I would say this play would be completed 9/10 times.  Travis throws a perfect ball to Caleb’s back shoulder to where only Caleb could reach it.  With the seperation Caleb created along with how tall he is gave Travis a nice window to throw to.



Quick 3 step drop.  Travis plants that back foot and delivers.




Travis Wilson’s run TD

Oregon again stacks the box with single coverage on the outside WR’s.  Utah sends two guys in motion to the right side which in turns creates a shift in Oregon’s defense.



Check out how Oregon responds to Utah’s motion by shifting 2 guys over.



When Utah snaps the ball the TE runs back to the left side (the original side he was on) and becomes Travis’ lead blocker.



Pretty much everyone thinks this is going to Booker up the middle.  It all happens so fast that the TE doesn’t even have anyone over to that side that he needs to block and Travis walks in for the TD.



Here is the full play to see everything put together.  Notice too how K Scott runs his route (bottom of the screen) which makes the DB turn his back to the play.   Just a well excuted play.  Great call by the coaches.




Caleb Repp’s 2nd TD Catch

Want to see blown coverage?  Here is the presnap look.  Even deep into the 3rd qtr Oregon did not respect Utah’s passing game.  Oregon lines straight up with no safeties in the secondary.



So the guy lined up on the right side near Caleb looks to be blitzing.  Travis identifies this presnap.  No one is on on #47 Caleb Repp.



I don’t even know what happens here, but for some reason Oregon sends a guy over to the left side.  So at the bottom of the screen you see there are 4 Oregon players to 3 Utah players.



What happened to that blitzing DB?  Utah’s Oline responds perfectly.  The right tackle slides over and picks up the blitz.



Oregon has what I think is a Defensive Lineman or Linebacker try to drop back in coverage to defend the pass, but it’s too late.  Caleb gets behind everyone and Travis throws the quick pass.



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