No Sympathy

According to ESPN some big wig NBA players rep. (Billy Hunter) says “he is ’99 percent sure’ there will be a lockout next summer.”

Quoted from ESPN quoting Hunter,

1.    Hunter said he’s been instructing his players to save their money.
2.    But Hunter said the owners aren’t budging on their demands for cuts in salaries, contract lengths and guarantees, annual raises, and the rookie salary scale.
3.    The sides have been negotiating for more than a year, but Hunter agreed with Commissioner David Stern that there’s been no progress. And the players are no closer to agreeing to the cuts that the league is seeking.

#1-Save their money?  Give me a break.  I guess some players do live outlandish lives that call for hundreds of thousands of dollars in bills each month.  Remember Latrell Sprewell “I’ve got my family to feed.”

#2-I don’t blame the owners for not budging.  I hope they don’t.  Do players really need that much?  I don’t think so.  The NBA has gotten ridiculous and something needs to change.

#3-No progress=no money for ANYONE.  My husband just pointed out, some owners will be fine because they have other things that make them money.

As always in a compromise one side has to bend more than they want to.  I sure hope it’s the players bending this time.

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  • Wendy

    I agree. I think all pro athletes are overpaid. People who make that much money should be changing the world for the better, not throwing/catching/hitting a ball.

  • Ben

    I used to feel the same way about overpaid players until 1) I took an economics class and learned that the more unique the skill the more money you deserve and 2) I learned how much money these franchises make. These owners are swimming in money and no one ever calls them out. The players make this money for them and they deserve their share.

    Apply it to your life. If you worked for a real estate firm and sold more houses than anybody and your boss got bonuses and raises because of how well his team did, would you want a piece of the pie too? You should, because your hard work got your boss those benefits. I’m amazed how well these owners have stayed out of the spotlight. I’m sure they pay off the media quite often. (Obviously they haven’t paid me off yet)

    It is hard to sympathize with players sometimes because of the dumb things they say. Like the aforementioned Latrell Sprewell.