Never Give Up – Never Surrender

BYU Basketball

After watching the Cougars blow a 15 point lead in the second half against San Francisco at home and after also losing to San Diego two nights earlier I took a couple of days to calm down. I can’t usually be trusted at a keyboard after something like that – my judgment isn’t the best and my internal filters get shut down. This is, after all, a family friendly site.

My first reaction was to write off the rest of this season as a loss, hope we get a couple of NIT home games, and wait until football season. There’s just one problem: I’m not a fair-weather fan. I can’t just stop rooting for those teams that I’ve invested so much time, money, and emotion.

BYU is currently 18-8 (8-4 in the West Coast). Let’s look at some recent teams that weren’t doing well and did well:

  • UConn was 21-9 (9-9 in the Big East) before catching fire in the Big East conference tournament and rode that momentum all the way to the championship 2 years ago.
  • The 2011 St. Louis Cardinals were 67–63 and 10.5 games back of the Wild Card before tearing it up in September and winning the World Series in 7 games.
  • The New York Giants were 7-7 with 2 games to play in 2011 and barely qualified as the 6 seed in the NFC playoffs at 9-7. They took the momentum of those last two regular season games and beat the Patriots in one of the more memorable Super Bowl endings of all time.

Three recent examples of teams that weren’t going to even make the postseason but went on to win the whole thing. The Cougars are capable of such a run. BYU is currently still in 3rd place in the West Coast Conference, which if the standings hold would mean BYU wouldn’t face Gonzaga until the Conference Final. At that point anything could happen. You have to believe that anything could happen, or the Cubs wouldn’t have any fans left.

If a few shots start falling for the Cougars and teams stop shooting lights out when they play against us (San Francisco shot 57% from the field and an incredible 60% from 3-point range) there’s no reason I should give up on the season and kiss it good-bye.

I’m not saying I think BYU can win the NCAA Tournament. I’m a fan and optimistic, but I’m not delusional. I am saying I’ve seen stranger things happen than a team getting hot at the right time and making a run.