Keeton is the Real Deal

USU Junior Quarterback Chuckie Keeton

What would Utah State do without Chuckie Keeton? It is pretty obvious to me; they would lose, and lose big time. Now I know we may only be 3 weeks in, but what Keeton has done in that short time is just amazing. Particularly, for a quarterback coming out of Utah State. Chuckie Keeton has thrown for 923 yards, (10th in the country). His completion percentage is 78.1 (third in the country) and has thrown for 12 touchdowns. This is the most in the country along with Sean Mannion out of Oregon State University. His quarterback rating is (10th in the country) at 187.7, and he has only thrown one interception. Through the air, Chuckie Keeton is truly second to none (as of now anyway). We will see what Keeton is capable of when he goes against USC next week giving up 10 points a game (8th in the nation).

Along with his phenomenal play through the air, Keeton can really take off and run. As of now he has 187 yards on the ground through 28 carries with one rushing touchdown, but do not let that fool anyone. Keeton can get moving if he has to; He is extremely elusive in the pocket, and very hard to take down for a sack. Allowing him to create extra time for his receivers to get open downfield.
Now I’m not saying Chuckie Keeton is a Heisman finalist or anything, but he sure has the tools, and numbers to be one.

Also, Utah State played a game against Weber State University this weekend for homecoming. Not much to really talk about here as the Aggies scored 70 points against the Wildcats. Weber State has now been outscored 140 to 13 in their last two games. Basically, you get what you signed up for in a homecoming game, an easy win for the alumni. The Aggies defense was led by Frankie Sutera who came up with 8 tackles on the game. Also along with Nick Vigil who continues to be a force making 7 stops.

In injury news, Utah State held out Connor Williams for the second week in a row. They kept him out last week against Air Force due to a foot injury. I can only assume they held him out again as a precaution to make sure he will be 100 percent against a very stout USC offense.

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  • Full

    “What would Utah State do without Chuckie Keeton? It is pretty obvious to me; they would lose, and lose big time.”

    The last starting QB at USU was 5-1. Harrison was 4-4 for 41 yards leading the second team. Chuckie is good, but they could still win without him.

    • Bryce

      Chuckie is every bit as spectacular as you say he is, but I agree with the commenter above. Utah State’s current rise is due to much more than just Keeton’s great play.