J&J Podcast Ep: 23: Holy War 2017


The Holy War is upon us and Jimmie and Jeff go at it in this, another early season rendition of the 2017 Holy War, between the BYU Cougars, and Utah Utes. They recap the current season, particularly BYU’s awful performance against LSU and what to expect after two games, and what to expect from the Utes after just one game against an FCS school with a new offense and brand new quarterback.

Will the guys each pick their own rooting interest as their winner predictions? Listen and find out. Tweet at the show @J_JPodcast, or at them individually, @JimmieChesh, @TheRealRosscoe.

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Jimmie is the co-host of the J&J Podcast, a Documenter at DMBA, a single dad, and a singer/songwriter. His music can be found at his website www.jimmiechesh.com. Follow him on twitter @JimmieChesh. Follow the J&J Podcast on twitter @j_jpodcast.

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