Is Jimmer on the way out?

Good news, Jimmer fans! The Sacramento Kings have acquired yet another point guard to compliment their stable of guards.

So who will play next year for the Kings? When the roster already has Tyreke Evans, Isaiah Thomas and Marcus Thornton who can play the point, one needs to figure who will take the court and play starter’s minutes.

Does this indicate that Jimmer’s hourglass is running out of sand? An effective organization would trade him, but he is a part of Sacramento, a team that traded up to select Jimmer while acquiring John Salmons.

Here is what should happen.

Geoff Petrie needs to get on the phone with teams that are short on backup point guards. At this point, Jimmer is purely a backup, and there is no team that he could start for, including Charlotte.

The short list of teams that need help are the following: Cleveland, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, New Orleans, San Antonio and Washington.

That list of teams can be narrowed down when considering what teams have assets to make moves as well as the salary cap space to complete the deal. The remaining teams are Cleveland, Dallas, Detroit and Washington. These teams have either trade exceptions, expiring contracts, or young players who could fill a need.

While Sacramento has just made a deal for James Johnson of Toronto, the Kings could do well to try to make a deal for Chris Singleton, a small forward with the Wizards, or trade for Austin Daye, a small forward with the Detroit Pistons. Both players are young, and would be able to help Keith Smart juggle his lineup around.

Singleton is a hard-nosed defender who can’t score – ironically, something that might help the Kings, who have a bevy of scorers in players like Evans, Thornton and Cousins.

Daye is a long, tall forward, measuring in at 6’11”. The former Gonzaga Bulldog has been buried on the Piston bench after being selected 15th overall in 2009. He’s an excellent shooter, but struggled last season from all over the floor. A change of scenery might do the young forward well, and his outside touch could help space the floor for Evans and Cousins to work inside.

That being said, Jimmer might flourish in a change of scenery as well. He often looked hesitant in his first season, never looking comfortable when on the court. By the middle of the season he was losing minutes to Isaiah Thomas, who exceeded expectations and played well in the last month of the season.

There’s no denying that Jimmer can score – I think that he needs to find a new situation if he is going to be successful in the NBA. Players change teams all the time in the NBA – maybe it’s just time for Jimmer to move on as well.