Jazz start Playoffs Tuesday

I know that the actual playoffs don’t start until this upcoming weekend, but for the Jazz they have two must win games starting Tuesday at the Warriors.

Let’s face it, we have been down this road before, last season the Jazz had a free fall the last ten games of the season and ended up getting crushed by the Lakers in the first round. To avoid losing to the Lakers in the second round this year they need to have learned their lesson.

The Recipe to prepare for postseason success is the following: Get home court and avoid L.A. as long as possible. L.A. is the team to beat, but the West just might be crazy enough this year that if you can avoid the Lakers the first two rounds they might not be there come the finals. The Jazz can beat, and more importantly think they can beat any other team in the West besides the Lakers. They must win against a Warriors team with nothing to lose on Tuesday and then win against a Phoenix team playing for everything on Wednesday. Both situations are dangerous if taken too lightly.

If they play with playoff intensity in the next two games they will win them both. One more key element is they need to be hitting on all cylinders come this weekend and their final tune up is the next two nights.