Jazz member included, but not a favorite in Slam Dunk Contest

As we approach the NBA’s All-Star weekend, I’m happy to announce that Jazz man Jeremy Evans is among the six contestants this year.  Surprisingly though, he does not appear to be a favorite in this contest with the majority seeming to be focusing on Gerald Green(also a previous winner to his credit) and James White of the New York Knicks (undoubtedly the New York  exposure helps alot, much like Jeremy Lin who was relatively unknown prior to ‘Linsanity’ as his impressive run with the knicks was dubbed .   I don’t mean to take anything away from their impressive talents but how is it that last years’ champion isn’t a favorite this year?

Outside of Green and White, Evans doesn’t seem to have too stiff of competition.  I’d definitely place him in the top 3.  Eric Bledsoe is a small point guard whom I’ve never seen throw down an impressive dunk, and Faried is a hard worker but again isn’t a huge standout in the athleticism dept.  I’ll admit I know very little about Terrence Ross, but that in and of itself tells you something.  Then again, I guess people didn’t (and  apparently still don’t outside of Utah) know about Jeremy Evans, the human pogo stick.

Still, it seems shocking that the winner of last years’ Slam Dunk contest is being pushed aside in favor of a champion from earlier and someone who hasn’t been in the Slam dunk contest before.  Then again, hasn’t Utah been over looked alot?

Jeff Hornacek was never an All-Star, John Stockton was snubbed in ’88 despite putting up over 13 assists 3 steals and 14 points a game while shooting over 57% from the floor, and again in ’01 and ’02 which while his numbers had fallen (how many times has Duncan gotten in with less than stellar stats?), he was also recording less than 30 minutes a game and still in the top teir of all point guards.  It took Deron Williams until the 09-10 season to be named an All-Star, despite having two seasons before that of over 10 assists a game and 19 points.  Carlos Boozer only got the All-Star nod the years Williams didn’t(almost like, we can’t  have two All-Stars from Utah).  Paul Milsap  and Al Jefferson haven’t gotten All-Star appearances either.

So when Jeremy Evans takes to the slam dunk contest floor this All-Star weekend, be sure to cheer him on and vote via social media(which is again the voting of choice).  The media may write off this champion in favor of two who impressed in a Russian dunk contest.  No one outside of true Jazz fans may give him the credit he deserves, but I have no doubt he’ll do us proud come game time.