Jazz: Karl Malone is BACK

Just got word of a new hiring in Jazzland. Karl Malone is going to be a coach for the big men Derrick Favors and Enes Kanter.

My initial reaction was SUPER excitement. This tells me the Jazz are finally turing the corner and going young. Which is what I’ve been ready for since Deron was traded.

A big pro to keeping Big Al was because he was such a great mentor to Favors and Kanter, sadly, he’s not needed anymore. The only person whoever hears my ramblings is my husband. He’s been hearing me say we need to keep Big Al because we needed someone to mentor these 2 young bigs. So as soon as I heard the news I knew there was no need for Big Al anymore. Loved the guy, but it’s time to move on now that Karl Malone is back!

Twitter is blowing up. Jazz fans are excited about this team once more.

I’ll steal a line from the Utes and say “It’s a great day to be a Jazz fan.”


Here’s some reactions about this news on Twitter

All the rejoicing for an overdue common-sense move says alot about franchise, but I feel same relief & hope it’s 1st step in wiser direction

seriously you guys I haven’t been this excited related to the Jazz since I don’t know when.

I’d pay to watch video footage of Karl’s workout with Favors and Kanter. Want to see if Karl still got it

Right now I feel like running into our quiet street and start yelling Karl Malone is back, have you heard Karl Malone is back with the Jazz!

I guess Greg Miller heard @dianaallen talking about Karl Malone and realized “if we lose Diana’s loyalty WE. ARE. SCREWED.” Hire em!

Jody Genessy ‏@DJJazzyJody22m

Derrick Favors’ reaction to Coach Karl Malone? “He was ecstatic,” his agent, Wallace Prather, said. “He hopes to be on that level some day.”

I questioned whether Karl could be a good coach until he went on ESPN and explained to the studio all the nuances of his P&R w/Stock

The thing i love most about Karl Malone coaching Enes Kanter and Derrick Favors is that i see both of them being very receptive to Karl

He is only part time ….when they need him..but are excited they want him to help the big guys.#winchampionshipnow

Good to have the Mailman back in the Jazz organization. Welcome back @TheDeliverer_32

For the record, I love the Karl Malone hire. Amen.

Is Malone trending yet? Btw, I don’t have the love and adoration that so many of you fans do for Karl so I’m excited to see what he can do.

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