Jason Speredon off to Arizona!

I had the opportunity to interview free agent Jason Speredon on his signing with the Arizona Cardinals. Jason played for BYU as an offensive guard and has been waiting for the lockout to end to sign on with an NFL team. He played very well for BYU and I definitely feel he would be recruited at a higher rate if he hadn’t missed his Jr. season with a shoulder injury. Even still, he has had multiple teams show interest, but he ultimately felt he needed to go with the Arizona Cardinals. Below is the interview I had with him as he was driving and just a couple hours after he signed with Arizona.

Me: “Hey Jason, how did today go?”

Jason: “Good! I just signed a 3 year deal with the Arizona Cardinals. I fly out Thursday from the Salt Lake airport. Andrew Rich is also going there and Vic So’oto is going to Green Bay. Those are the 3 guys that got picked up from BYU this year.”

Me: “Congrats! Where did you sign?”

Jason: “They emailed it to my agent and he emailed it to me. I signed it and faxed it to my agent and he’ll be getting it to them.”

Me: “So what is your role going to be with them?”

Jason: “I think they are actually going to try me out as tackle and guard on the offensive line. I will try out at both, but I’ll end up where I fit best.”

Me: “What other teams expressed interest in you?”

Jason: “Yesterday the Raiders and Arizona called me. This morning I had the San Diego Chargers and the Cleveland Browns call me.”

Me: “How did you make your decision to go to Arizona?”

Jason: “You know, they basically showed the most active interest. The other teams, they would talk but they didn’t really back it up. Arizona, they flew me out after pro day. I had to get a physical, I met with my position coach, I met with all the scouts there, and it was really a good trip. Not that a signing bonus really matters, but theirs was the best which obviously does show some level of commitment and investment in me. They called the soonest; as soon as they knew they could call I was getting a call. They just seemed the most interested. Plus, it’s close to home and there are a lot of LDS people in Arizona. Ultimately my wife and I prayed about it and felt like it was the right thing to do.”

Me: “Do you feel like the lock-out was a positive thing?”

Jason: “Um… for me it’s hard to see right now. As far as effecting me positively it’s hard to tell. There are two ways to look at it because you know we’re all going to have pretty much just two weeks to be evaluated going into camp, whereas before you’d have like 4 months. So, it could work in my advantage and it could not work in my advantage. With any of the free agents I think it kind of evens out the competitions. I think the best players are going to make it through. It’s kind of hard to tell.”

Me: “What were your plans going to be if there were to be a full season lock-out?”

Jason: “I just graduated and have my degree, so I’ve been hanging onto some business cards of companies that I could work for. My major was landscape management. There were a few companies that came recruiting at BYU I feel I could have worked for.”

Me: “Well Jason, I think you’ve answered all the questions I’ve had. Thank you for your time and good luck with everything! I’ll text you the link to the article.”

Jason: “Yeah, that would be great. I’ll let you know how things go.”

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  • chris j

    Good job, Jason. I will be excited to cheer for you.