If Everyone Is Doing It, Is It Cheating?

With the recent developments in the ongoing story of Lance Armstrong, it has caused me to sit back and think about what it was that Lance actually did. Lance lied to everyone and anyone. He sued people who even mentioned that they thought he was doping. He went after an insurance company who refused to insure him because they thought he might be cheating, and won. In fact Armstrong has won millions of dollars, by just suing people for saying what we just found out to be the truth.

It’s not a stretch to see that Lance Armstrong has lost all credibility. But if you were to somehow put all of these facts aside and just look at his accomplishments on the racecourse, it begs a question. If every racer is using a performance-enhancing drug, and you win, did you cheat? Armstrong stated that he doesn’t think that anyone could win the Tour de France with out using an enhancing substance. You could take from that statement, that all of the winners that he knows of have used a form of a banned substance. So once again if everyone is doing it, then you’re on a “level” playing field, so is it cheating?

I would say that the only people that you’re cheating are the fans. One of the biggest reasons that people are attracted to sports is seeing the super human feats that are being displayed before your own eyes. In the case of professional cycling it appears that natural human feats haven’t been around for a while. That’s not the big shocker here. The biggest shocker is that one of the past decade’s most inspirational athletes is not as athletic as we all thought. But does any of this take from the fact that he was able to help raise over a quarter of a billion dollars for cancer research? All of the hope that Armstrong gave to people with cancer doesn’t just disappear. Lance Armstrong might not be the person that we thought he was, but he certainly left a good mark on the world, a mark that you, or I, probably can only aspire to. He left a mark that has saved, and will continue to save many lives, how bad can he really be?