Why Its So Good To Be A Utah Jazz Fan

Utah Jazz "Core 4"

It’s a great time to be a Utah Jazz fan! How? You ask. I’ll tell you how.

Right now at this very moment that you are reading this: it is a fantastic time to be a Utah Jazz fan due to their current roster, coaching staff and front office.  In no way what so ever was Utah Jazz Head coach Ty Corbin set up to succeed in the 2013-14 NBA season which is great news for the future of the Utah Jazz, Enter Utah Jazz General Manger Dennis Lindsey. IN DENNIS WE TRUST, we’ve all seen it on twitter and this season and off season we get to see what Dennis is made of.

THE FRONT OFFICE:  Oh the dreaded words when talking about the Utah Jazz, you hear this and you think of a late 1980’s fax machine, old and outdated but finally they have upgraded to mid a 2000’s cell phone and they’re finally on their way to a 2014 Toyota Tundra, a well oiled machine built in the USA, tough, rugged and kicks ass. Of course all this upgrading runs through Greg Miller ala Gail Miller but in my honest opinion Greg Miller knows what Dennis Lindsey will be demanding here soon and in this off season to spend baby spend!  The Utah Jazz must spend money on a fantastic head coach and coaching staff, players and FO personnel. IF Greg and or Gail refuse to meet this demand by Dennis then say goodbye to Dennis and goodbye to the Utah Jazz.

COACHES: Ugh, the Utah Jazz coaching staff.  I have had better coaches as a Jr. Jazz member and even Mormon basketbrawl teams I was on. I was 100% for the firing of Ty Corbin all last season and this past off season but now I’m a fan of keeping him around until Dennis Lindsay gets his guy, I’m not a fan firing a coach just to fire him.

THE PLAYERS: This is where it gets fun! The Utah Jazz have some soon to be great players and some fill in the roster players, this will pass.  This off season will be filled with changes on the roster (again) but this time it will be for the good. Look for Gobert, Kanter and Favors to stay on this team but as for anyone else I truly have no clue.

This upcoming draft in June 2014 will be THE BIGGEST draft the Utah Jazz have ever been part of. A new coach with a possibility of a top 3 pick and tons of future draft picks to play around with; the Utah Jazz may end up with two top 13 picks.

So why is it so good to be a Utah Jazz fan right now? Because of the future!!! I have no crystal ball but I have all the faith in the world that Greg Miller will let Dennis Lindsey truly run this organization and turn it in to a championship team in 3-5 years. Go ahead and laugh but it is possible, in my opinion Dennis is more respected in this league than Kevin O’Conner ever was or will be therefore other teams will be more willing to work deals with him.

The Utah Jazz may be the laughing stock of the NBA right now at this very moment but great things are on their way to this organization and its fans. All we can do is be patient this season. We will get through this, sometimes you need make things more of a mess before you can clean and organize it. There are plenty of seats open on the Utah Jazz bandwagon so get on now before they are all taken and you’re left on the outside looking in.

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Dave Wilbur

Dave is fan of all sports, he grew up a fan of the Utah Jazz, Utah Utes, Utah Grizzlies, Salt Lake Bees, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, San Diego Chargers and anyone playing the Colorado Avalanche. Dave is a co-host on the Jockularity Show podcast, He has Two fantastic children and One stunning Wife, Dave and his family reside in Sandy, UT.