The Future for Real Salt Lake

Field after RSL's loss to the Sounds in the open cup

If you’ve followed Real Salt Lake this season, you most likely went through a wide variety and range of emotional experiences in regards to the team’s performance. Unfortunately the LA Galaxy for the second time in three years didn’t just close the book, but slammed down the cover on RSL’s season.

Many are asking themselves where does the club go from here? What is in the future for Real Salt Lake?

Something strange is happening within the RSL fanbase. Fans are coming together to demand Jeff Cassar’s head. A little social media is a wonderful thing. Too bad RSL vines will be a thing of the past.

#RIPVine indeed.

The Cassar bashing continued elsewhere online… A little known parody account got a lot of play after the game.

I quote tweeted this myself because I thought it was hilarious. I mean if Jeff Cassar can only lead this team to being beaten by the LA Galaxy I don’t this market will want to watch his teams anymore. We already hate LA teams more than most thanks to the LA Lakers.

According to Chris Kamrani of the Salt Lake Tribune Jeff Cassar had this to say after the game:

“‘It was a game of transitions and I just felt that if we were getting back into shape, we weren’t getting forward enough, if we were staying high enough, we weren’t getting back to defend the right way, so I thought we weren’t extremely great in transition,” Cassar said when explaining his substitution of Martinez. “And to be fair, that could’ve been multiple people, right?'”

Jeff Cassar substitutes out “Burrito Martinez” because the offense isn’t clicking? Most fans I saw posted about the midfield slowing down the attack. The injection of Jordan Allen into the lineup seemed to energize one of my favorite RSL follows, Kelsey Price.

Last year Brad Rock of the Deseret News said it would be “too soon” to #FireCassar. And let’s face it he was right. After two years and a sub-par roster, compared to years past, Jeff deserved a shot to right the ship with some new pieces. But at this point it looks like it’s time to pull the plug. RSL started out hot, but fizzled down the stretch. Cassar’s players don’t show up for him in big games. They don’t seem to respect him.

Whatever the club decides let’s hope it happens soon so that a firm direction going into an off-season, where players have to be protected, is established. Personally I wonder if the team should protect Rimando or just roll with Jeff Antinella moving forward.

Rich and I look forward to doing a season ending pod. Have a good off-season everybody!

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