Episode 94: Jae Crowder and Gordon Hayward

Jedi & Jerms / Utah Jazz / NBA

The Utah Jazz lose to the Boston Celtics. Boston fans were courting Gordon Hayward during the game and Jae Crowder expressed his displeasure. Meanwhile the controversy sparked conversation about who’s better, Gordon Hayward or Jae Crowder. Paul Millsap is on the trading block and we discuss likely homes for him. Donotas Montiejunas lands in New Orleans.

Devin’s Quick Hits and John reviews Fences.

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Alan “Jedi” Zaugg is managing editor of TornBySports and co-host of the Jedi & Jerms podcast. He’s an avid NBA fan and passionate sports enthusiast. Additionally he co-hosts a Star Wars podcast (Idiot's Array), writes fantasy and science fiction, and some poetry, in his spare time. Follow him on Twitter: @jedizaugg.