Ep. 27: BYU/ Recap. Boise State and Stanford Preview’s


The guys recap BYU’s loss to Utah State and look ahead to their Friday night match up with Boise State. Can the Utes remain undefeated against Stanford as Pac-12 conference foes? That and more on Episode 27 of the J&J Podcast.

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Jimmie is the co-host of the J&J Podcast, a Documenter at DMBA, a single dad, and a singer/songwriter. His music can be found at his website www.jimmiechesh.com. Follow him on twitter @JimmieChesh. Follow the J&J Podcast on twitter @j_jpodcast.

  • Realistic Optimist

    Yes I still love and still support each and everyone of our coachs and our team players. Am I dissappointed in this season? Are you nuts to think that I am not? Of course I am dissappointed.

    We are playing a much more difficult SOS this season. Currently the teams we have played so far is #10 Wisconsin, #18 utah Utes,
    #21 Mississippi State, will be a week from this Saturday, We already played #28 LSU that was #12 when we played them. We lost our #1 QB due to injury before the Utah St. game. Soon after the start of Utah State game, we lost our second string QB due to injury. Our third string QB had never played a college game before. We tried a 4th QB and that didn’t work either. So Was I dissappointed? Of course I was. Of course the coaches were. Of course the team players were. Why are we beating a dead horse to death. We all feel bad. So are we doomed? No, not unless the fans do us in. The fans are not the only ones dissappointed so keep the faith.

    What better QB coach that is also our OC could we get with all the restrictions we have and for the amount of money we are willing to pay, then a Heisman Trophy Winner, with 14 years in the NFL, whom Brett Farve said was one of the best coaches he had while getting instructions from his back up.

    What better HC could we get, with the requirement that the HC has to be a member of the Church in good standing and receive the money we have to offer to pay him. Again, don’t forget the Honor Code and other requirements, tithing etc, that other schools do not require. Remember this is our Nations first Polynisian HC and has a direct pipe line to all polynisian players. He is great at recruiting. Do we really want to go against him and not show our appreciation to him.

    Hey, our WR coach was among the best we ever had at BYU. He was the best the Canadian League ever had. Should we throw him out with the baby water? He needs to start teaching some of his personal greatness to the team players. We must show him respect and appreciation.

    Most of all, we must all have patience and give our coaches and players more time to get things worked out. The sky is not falling.