Draft-day possible trades for the Utah Jazz

We’re less than two weeks away from the NBA Draft, and we know some trades are going to go down. So could the Jazz wind up being involved in one of those trades?

If they trade up, it would be for a point guard, so what would be appealing and worth doing?

Cleveland isn’t giving away the #1 pick, and Orlando, Washington, Charlotte, and Phoenix are all going to want more than the Jazz can offer.

The New Orleans Pelicans might be willing to deal with the Jazz in a sign-and-trade.

New Orleans:

Shabazz Muhammad could go as high as #8 or as low as #23 in this year's draft.
Shabazz Muhammad could go as high as #8 or as low as #23 in this year’s draft.

Al Jefferson
Alec Burks
#14 pick – Shabazz Muhammad
#21 pick – Jamaal Franklin

Eric Gordon
#6 pick – Trey Burke

This would not be able to be finalized until July 1 if they wanted to go that way. Eric Gordon is a major talent but he’s never been happy in New Orleans and his injury history has hurt his stock. The Pelicans could have their front-court solidified with Davis and Big Al, and they could use the two picks on wingmen, like Shabazz Muhammad at #14 and Jamaal Franklin at #21. The Jazz would use the #6 pick on Trey Burke, and they’d have their starting five set with Burke, Gordon, Hayward, Favors and Kanter. It might not be enough for the Pelicans to agree to, and Al would have to agree as well.

Next, the Sacramento Kings. At this point they’d probably love to trade DMC for Favors or Kanter and something, but the Jazz like the level heads of their two young bigs, even if DMC is the better numbers guy right now. A trade with them would likely involve taking on salary.

Alec Burks
#14 – Shane Larkin
#21 – Tony Mitchell

Jimmer Fredette
Travis Outlaw
#7 – Trey Burke

I know. Alec Burks again. But since the Jazz flirted with the idea of trading him for Luke Ridnour last year, it tells me they don’t believe his ceiling’s much higher. If Scott Layden does get the Kings’ GM job, it might be easier to work a deal with them, if they want one. Jimmer hasn’t fit in with the Kings, and it looks like Isaiah Thomas is their point guard of the future. They could get Larkin to challenge him for that, or be a speedy backup. Meanwhile Travis Outlaw is still owed $3 million a year through 2015.

Next, the Detroit Pistons. General consensus is the Pistons are going to get another guard if they don’t like the small forward options at #8. Burke should be gone, but there are good reasons for them to take McCollum or MCW. So what would entice them to not? Cap space relief.

#14 – Shabazz Muhammad
Future 1st

Charlie Villenueva
#8 – CJ McCollum

Getting rid of Villenueva is the last salary millstone around their neck. It’d make them a bigger player in this year’s free agent market, which they’ll be anxious to do.

Getting closer to #14, I don’t know if there’s a player they’d want to trade for that’ll still be available in the 9-13 range. Michael Carter-Williams has his doubters, and if it’s not a point guard, then right now the Jazz seems content to take Shane Larkin or Dennis Schroeder at #14. In fact, might there be a team they’d be willing to trade down with? Boston seems like a volatile franchise right now, and Larkin or Schroeder would still be there at #16 if they wanted to see what else they could get.

Can’t wait for Draft Day!

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John studied journalism at UVU and put that to good use by writing for free for blogs on a part-time basis. Money well spent. He became an avid Jazz fan since moving to Utah in 1989. Also a fan of the NFL and BYU football.


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  • NO TO Villenueva. He doesn’t have a position and doesn’t care. The only one I like is Sacramento.

  • I don’t remember the source but I remember hearing that Washington was wanting to get rid of their pick. Any truth to that though is unknown.

  • Its always fun to read about the possibilities, and these were well thought out, John.

    I am very much in favor of any deal or any picks that involve Shabazz being on any other team in the NBA but the Jazz.

  • Why not trade the 14 and the 21 to detroit for the 10 and we take on Villnueva’s contract. I don’t think trading a future first does us any good. They also would be recieving a salary exception for us taking on his contract which would be a major get for detroit. Getting CJ Mccollum is what the Jazz want. He is the best draft pick available. I would make some major deals for him and that would be a good one to do it with but not in the way you put it.