Dog and Deuce #41 – Christian Cox (New England Patriots)

Christian Cox joined Dog and Deuce to discuss the Utes, Patriots and how to deal with a season ending injury. Also, Jimmie Chesh is back to break down BYU / TCU, there is bad blood in the Aggie locker room, and NFL week 8 picks

Christian Cox played every game of his junior and senior seasons at the University of Utah.  He played defensive end and simply dominated.  In August, Cox was signed as a rookie free agent by the New England Patriots and was set to start his NFL career as a linebacker.  Known for his toughness and seemingly super human durability (Cox had never been injured in his entire football career), it came as a shock when he suffered a season ending neck injury after receiving an after-the-whistle cheap shot during a preseason game against the Jacksonville Jaguars.  How is Christian dealing with the unfamiliar task of rehabilitation?  How has he found the transition from the college to pro game?  What does he think of this year’s underachieving Utah team?  Christian joined Dog and Deuce to discuss these and many other questions in episode #41.

Also, Jimmie Chesh is back to talk BYU vs. TCU and break down the seemingly never ending quarterback controversy that is still plaguing the Cougars.  Plus: there seems to be bad blood in the Utah State locker room and NFL week 8 picks.

Note: we had to cut the REAL Salt Lake segment this week.  Our apologies to Grant and all the listeners who were anxious to hear playoff talk.  We will hit the RSL/Seattle series HARD next week!


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This week’s game: BYU vs TCU.  For rules and to enter, check out the official Picks to Click contest page here.  You can win a custom Survival Strap in your favorite colors!


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