Dog and Deuce #40 – Poor Choices

Bronco Mendenhall seems to fear making big decisions (at least when it comes to his quarterback). Also, the Big East should be beating down the Cougars' door to get them, yet BYU is still waiting for an invite to any BCS conference. What does this mean for the future? Plus, Tony Jones is back to help answer some questions raised by the Aggies debacle in Fresno. Finally, the Utes won at Pitt but should they feel confident moving forward? Dog and Deuce hits 40 (episodes)!

Is Bronco Mendenhall afriad of making important decisions?  It certainly appears that way when it comes to his starting quarterback.  Instead of naming a starter like almost every other team in the history of football, Bronco said the coaches would re-evaluate both potential QBs each week and start who they feel is best suited for the job that week.  In this episode, Dog and Deuce give their opinions on this tactic.  Also, conference realignment has everyone confused and Cougar fans scratching their heads.  How is it possible that the Big East isn’t beating down the BYU’s door trying to snatch them up?  Is there something more going on behind the scene that we aren’t being told?

Yes, Tony Jones from the Salt Lake Tribune is back!  Tony joins D&D every week to talk Aggie football.  What happened in Fresno?  Can the special teams issues be resolved this year?  How important is this weekend’s game against Louisiana Tech?

Utah got a big win at Pitt last weekend but for the most part looked unimpressive.  With a HUGE Pac 12 game at Cal this weekend, can the offense finally find some consistency in someone other than John White?  Will the defense be able to keep up this caliber of play?

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