Dog and Deuce #39 – Make a Decision

The Dogbyte Podcast joins Dog and Deuce to preview this weekend's Utah State/Fresno State game. Also, Tony Jones from the Salt Lake Tribune is back to break down the beatdown the Aggies put on Wyoming, look at the upcoming game at Fresno, and even talk a little *gasp* NBA. Also, Dan Lewis joins the show to preview BYU/Oregon State. Plus, can Utah actually win a game without Jordan Wynn?
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Utah State is coming off a big win against Wyoming, but this weekend will likely prove to be an even bigger test for the Aggies as they head to Fresno to take on the Fresno State Bulldogs in their WAC opener.  Lucio and Lorenzo from the Dogbyte Podcast (a fellow member of the Lifestyle PodNetwork) join Dog and Deuce to preview this Saturday’s game.  Is Pat Hill coaching for his job?  What do college football fans outside the state think of Robert Turbin?

Tony Jones from the Salt Lake Tribune returns to the show to relive the beat down the Aggies put on the Cowboys.  He also breaks down this weekend’s game and even talks a little *gasp* NBA.

Daniel Lewis makes his debut on Dog and Deuce to preview BYU and Oregon State.  Should Riley Nelson continue to start for the Cougars or should Jake Heaps be taking the snaps?  Will Nelson’s mobility be a factor against the Beavers?  Should he be nervous that the defense is going to target him?

The Utes have lost all momentum after the debacle at home against Arizona State.  What do they need to do to bounce back against Pitt?  Does John Hays have what it takes to cut the turnovers and get a victory?


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  • Douglas I.

    Listening to your cast right now talking about the NBA lockout, I was as diehard fan as there ever was for the Jazz and ever since the lockout in the late 90’s I’ve watched maybe a dozen games and have been to 2. It’s sad that’s the way it’s been but it’s reality. With another lockout so close to the last one I wouldn’t be surprised that many more fans follow suite.

    • Dog

      I couldn’t agree more, Douglas. The NBA is really shooting themselves in the foot. Tony Jones had a great point when he said the average fan just won’t stand for millionaires and billionaires arguing over money.

      Thanks for listening and for your comment!