Collinsworth’s Absence Changes Things for BYU

1314443[1]The Sports Bros have not been shy in their infatuation with Kyle Collinsworth. He is without a doubt the most important player on this BYU team. That’s right. It’s not the recently announced WCC Player of the Year, Tyler Haws. Collinsworth’s absence changes things.

With news coming that Collinsworth is a no go for the upcoming postseason, this all but seals BYU’s fate. If BYU finds itself placed into the Big Dance, they are surely a one and done squad. If they make it into the NIT, they might sneak out a single victory. That might be being generous. This injury comes at a tenuous time in this BYU season.

While the record has been impressive over the last few weeks, the shooting in the last few games has been quite the opposite. Haws has gone sub-zero ice cold, and Carlino seems to be finding himself reverting back to his old ways. Shot selection for the entire team hasn’t been the best, as the half-court offense sputters to find a rhythm. Without Collinsworth, expect to see more of the same.

The back-ups, while serviceable, just don’t have the impact of the mullet-wearing forward. While Anson Winder has stepped up big time as of late and Bartley has great athleticism and slashing ability, both lacks Collinsworth’s largest contribution. Rebounding.

Kyle Collinsworth’s rebounding ability has been nothing short of a saving grace for this team. Aside from the two big guys, whom are expected to grab the boards, no one else is really contributing. Kyle Collinsworth not only contributes, at times he dominates the glass on both sides of the floor. His timing, his leaping ability and his aggressiveness have all led to him being the number two rebounder on the team. Winder and Bartley are good, but they aren’t Kyle Collinsworth.

I, for one, hope BYU proves me wrong. Winder and Bartley could be playing for a major role next season should Collinsworth choose to red-shirt. In any case, they need to step up in a big way for BYU to have any sort of postseason success in 2014.

Selection Sunday will say a lot about what the selection committee believes Collinsworth’s value is to this squad. It could break our hearts. Be ready for that.

Now we wait.

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