College Football Bowl Season

I have been watching the bowl games this year and making it a point to watch the Mountain West Conference teams in their respective bowl games. As I have done this I have become particularly sick of one common belief in the national media that the big teams don’t care about the game if it isn’t a BCS bowl.

Your telling me that they spend the 2+ weeks of preparation doing nothing? That the seniors on the team are so depressed about not being in a BCS game that they don’t care to win in their final game? Your telling me that the coach doesn’t care about facing the media and fans about losing to a team considered to be less of an opponent?

Why does this logic make any sense? How can a team come into any bowl game and expect to win? Didn’t Boise State v Oklahoma or Utah v Alabama teach them anything? The Mountain West is going to come in ready to play. They will punch you in the mouth and if you aren’t ready to take a play, GO HOME!

You have got to be kidding me!