College Basketball Rankings

By: Jeff Ross

2 Duke
3North Carolina
6Michigan State
8Miami -Florida
10Southern California
13Saint Joseph's
17Texas A&M
18Oral Roberts
20Wake Forest
21Arizona State
OthersGeorge Washington, Iowa State, Virginia
UNLV, Blemont, Providence
Boise State, Kansas, Syracuse
[tabs type=”vertical”][tabs_head][tab_title]Explanation[/tab_title][tab_title]12/08/2015[/tab_title][/tabs_head] [tab]This poll is point based, it is pretty basic. You get a certain amount of points per win. More points if you win vs. a top 50 team and even more vs. a top 25 team. (Note, I gather those rankings from Jeff Saragin’s Rankings). Strength of schedule is probably the biggest component of this poll, along with RPI. Once again I pull SOS rankings from Saragin’s poll, and RPI from ESPN. This ranking system is purely based on these numbers; no personal bias is thrown into these rankings.[/tab] [tab]Duke is on top in our first poll of the year.  Their is a lot of differences between this poll and the AP or coaches poll.  As noted in the explanation that RPI and SOS play huge rolls.  College Basketball is a long season and as it goes on, the best teams will either rise up or continue to hold strong.  One thing you will see is the number of non P5 teams.  As those teams get into conference play and the season rolls along I would expect a lot of them to start to drop.  Their are some P5 teams in here that you wouldn’t expect.  Overall, a lot of parity in this first poll and I expect it to change a decent amount each week.[/tab]
Xavier is this weeks new #1.  The rest of the top 4 stays about the same, except for Dayton who jumps up to 4 from 9 last week.  Alabama jumps to 11 from not even in the poll last week.  A number of other teams joined the poll for the first time.  Once again as a reminder, this poll will change a lot from week to week and teams that are in the AP poll won’t show up here if SOS and RPI is weak.  I wouldn’t take a lot from this poll this early on.