The Chuckie Keeton Show

USU Junior Quarterback Chuckie Keeton

Utah State looks like a team looking to build big things for a first-time team in the Mountain West. The USU offense truly lives through what Chuckie Keeton can produce. Starting off on their first drive Chuckie took the ball on a tremendous run, followed only by a big pass play over the middle for a touchdown to Travis Van Leeuwen. The USU offense in the first half looked very good. The Aggies looked sound through the air with production from Bruce Natson and Brandon Swindall; also the ground game created some productivity through Joe Hill. On the other side, Air Force did themselves no favors. Air Force should have been able to keep the game closer if they were able to catch the football. Sophomore first-time starter Jaleel Awini came into the game with a tough start giving up the ball on his first play on offense. After that, though, he came out and played very well, but his receivers and tight ends could not catch balls that would have truly changed the first-half score. They also dropped the ball three times in the end zone, and multiple times while Air Force moved down the field.

In the third quarter, Keeton went off against the Air Force Defense going 11 of 13 for 175 yards and 3 touchdown passes to Reynolds, Hill and Butler. Air Force could not get anything going. Utah State came up huge in the third. They made consistent stops on third down lead by Zach Vigil which allowed the Utah State offense to get back on the field. Things only got better for Utah State as Keeton threw for his 5th touchdown of the day, tossing a short pass in the red zone to Keegan Anderson.

Chuckie Keeton may be the best quarterback no one is talking about. It is challenging for a player like Chuckie Keeton to break through a college landscape with players like Tajh Boyd, Stephen Morris, A.J. McCarron and of course Johnny Manziel. As long as he keeps going 32/40 for 360 and five touchdowns, it will not be long before people are talking about this quarterback out of Utah State. Chuckie can thank Colin Kaepernick for getting small-school scrambling and throwing quarterbacks on the board and showing these players can produce at the next level.

The Aggies linebacker looked great Saturday. Jake Doughty continues to produce after a fantastic game against Utah. Doughty contributed 11 tackles for the Aggies against Air Force. Also, Zach Vigil looked like a linebacker machine contributing nine tackles and coming up again and again on third down for the defense. The only real question looking forward would be that of Utah State’s secondary. They were lucky in that Air Force played with brick hands dropping way to many open passes. That is not an excuse for them moving forward. Luckily for the Aggies, as of now anyway, they do not play anyone inside the top 40 in passing.