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The Utah Jazz – Celebrating 40

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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… The year was 1974.  Earth’s population reached the 4 billion mark. UPC (Universal Product Code) or barcode technology was first used in the retail environment. The famous Rubik’s Cube, invented by Erno Rubik made its debut, and the Heimlich maneuver was first introduced. The year saw such notable births as ... Read More »

Utah Jazz: What Does 4th Mean in the Lottery?


Today the Utah Jazz won the coin flip!  What does that mean?  We now in the 4th lottery position.  So let’s take a look at what our odds are of winning the lottery. Interestingly enough the 4th pick is the least likely pick, besides the 7th, that the Utah Jazz could land.  The Jazz now have a 33.35% at a ... Read More »

Utah Jazz: The NBA Draft Lottery Odds


Right now the Jazz are in fourth place in the NBA Draft order.  Jazz will recall the 2004-2005 season where the Jazz also landed in fourth, and they had a 17.2% chance of sliding to sixth or worse, and they did. Fortunately they were able to con Portland into trading down so they could get Deron Williams. In fourth place, ... Read More »

The Jockularity Show With Freddie Coleman

jockularity show

Podcast: Play in new window | Download ESPN Radio’s Freddie Coleman drops in to talk about his career, his acclaimed national sportstalk show, Johnny Manziel, George Karl and the late Bernie Mac. Then things get outrageous as Rick Aaron & David Wilbur discuss the hermaphrodite basketball championship, the Ultimate Warrior , Bruce Jenner’s rumored sex-change and the best and worst mascots, including the ... Read More »

Utah Jazz Options for Head Coach

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Fans have been using Ty as the scapegoat for all Jazz related issues.  All indications now show that Coach Corbin is headed out the door at the end of the season.  We are so used to a hall-of-fame coach that we have set close to unreachable standards, as far as a coach goes.  If Corbin is gone, the next coach ... Read More »

Tank Rank Watch: Utah Jazz

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Never before have us Utah Jazz fans watched our loss column like we have this year.  With the first tier of draft prospects beings four players deep, getting the fourth position could be crucial for the Jazz.  Let’s look at where they currently sit: Boston, Orlando, and the Lakers all fairly close to the Jazz record.  Each team has one ... Read More »

Utah Jazz: Highlights from the Season


As the door slowly closes on this frustrating Utah Jazz season, I had to sit and think to myself of what the silver lining could be. Some might argue that the best thing to take away from this season is the draft pick at the end of the day. Some might say they’ve been encouraged by “development.” Those things aside, ... Read More »

Tanking, Hayward, and All That Jazz

In the course of NBA history, you can find examples of blatant tanking in order to secure a higher draft pick for a forthcoming talented draft class.  In my research for this post, I found many instances of tanking (and there are various iterations of the event) and in nearly every case, it hasn’t paid off.  But in the case ... Read More »

Utah Jazz fall to Pistons 114-94

Derrick Favors is fouled by Andre Drummond as the Pistons beat the Jazz 114-94 on March 24, 2014. (Matt Gade/Deseret News)

After the Utah Jazz gained a last-second victory over the Orlando Magic, the momentum and emotion should have been there to parlay that into another victory at home, after a day’s rest, over another Eastern Conference lottery team. Granted, it’d be another game without Alec Burks, who’s been averaging 16 points a game over the past five weeks. Still, the ... Read More »

Utah Jazz: The End Is Near

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Casey Greer and Spencer Wixom share their recent conversation on what they would like to see in the final games of the Utah Jazz season. Spencer: With 15 games left in the season, all of our questions we had coming in to the season should be answered.  But are they?  The first thing I want to see is Favors and Kanter ... Read More »