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Tanking, Hayward, and All That Jazz

In the course of NBA history, you can find examples of blatant tanking in order to secure a higher draft pick for a forthcoming talented draft class.  In my research for this post, I found many instances of tanking (and there are various iterations of the event) and in nearly every case, it hasn’t paid off.  But in the case ... Read More »

Utah Jazz fall to Pistons 114-94

Derrick Favors is fouled by Andre Drummond as the Pistons beat the Jazz 114-94 on March 24, 2014. (Matt Gade/Deseret News)

After the Utah Jazz gained a last-second victory over the Orlando Magic, the momentum and emotion should have been there to parlay that into another victory at home, after a day’s rest, over another Eastern Conference lottery team. Granted, it’d be another game without Alec Burks, who’s been averaging 16 points a game over the past five weeks. Still, the ... Read More »

Utah Jazz: The End Is Near

(Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports)

Casey Greer and Spencer Wixom share their recent conversation on what they would like to see in the final games of the Utah Jazz season. Spencer: With 15 games left in the season, all of our questions we had coming in to the season should be answered.  But are they?  The first thing I want to see is Favors and Kanter ... Read More »

Utah Jazz: Tank Watch


As  I scanned TornBySports, an article containing predictions about the Utah Jazz and the NBA caught my eye. Rightfully so, I read it and enjoyed the analysis my colleague John English brought forward.  With a month remaining in the 2013-2014 NBA regular season, the Jazz are closing a season of ups and downs with interesting story lines coming to a ... Read More »

Where Do Utah Jazz Project to Finish Season? 2.0


Four weeks ago, I wrote a column projecting where the Utah Jazz and the rest of the NBA teams would finish based on momentum. Today I’m doing a follow-up, and the momentum of a few of those teams has shifted. Below are the records of of the teams over their past 20 games. Rank (actual rank) Team – W-L (win%) WESTERN ... Read More »

Torn By Sports Debate: Will Ty Corbin Be the Utah Jazz Head Coach Next Year?


Tyrone Corbin has 19 more games like on his current contract. 11 home games; 8 road games. A 22-41 record for the year, a 109-130 record overall. Has he shown enough to get an extension, or is this his last stand? John English (@jermsguy) and Alan Zaugg (@jedizaugg) investigate. (Dramatic music, and fade-in.) JOHN: I think this is his last ... Read More »

Utah Jazz: Bucks Blowout Is Final Nail in Corbin Coffin


The front office can set teams up for “failure.” There’s failure and then there’s “failure.” The Sixers gave all their pieces away, so they’re just “failing.” Each loss is accompanied by a wink and a nod. Of course, losing 14 in a row really puts those quotation marks on thin ice. The Knicks are failing, with no quotation marks in ... Read More »

The Utah Jazz Suck at Sucking


As last week’s trade deadline came and went without any activity from the Utah Jazz forefront, I couldn’t help but feel disappointed. I wasn’t expecting much, or anything really, but I was at the resolution that the Jazz simply suck at sucking. It wasn’t really a surprise that the Jazz stood still at the deadline. As far as talent goes, ... Read More »

Alec Burks, Elite?

Jim Mone - AP

Of all the Jazz players, Alec Burks is the most likely one to have a highlight play.  We have all grown to love the amazing layups that seemingly only he can pull off.  In the month of February, Burks has elevated his game and lead the team in scoring with 15.64 points per game.  So what is he doing that ... Read More »

The Big 3: Jimmer and the Jazz


1. If Jimmer reaches a buyout with the Kings, is there a real chance he signs with the Jazz? Jimmer Fredette is about as polarizing of a figure as there is when it comes to Utah sports.  I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve never believed he would have an outstanding career in the NBA.  That being said, the guy ... Read More »