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NBA Draft Profile: PJ Hairston – NC

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P.J. Hairston If former North Carolina graduate, PJ Hairston, is not a lottery pick in the 2014 NBA Draft it is not because of a lack of talent.  PJ has all the talent that a team in the mid to late lottery would want in a prospect.  The biggest detriment to Hairston is his past.  Before his Junior season as ... Read More »

NBA Draft Prospect: Elfrid Payton – LA Lafayette

  Elfrid Payton     Point guards are a rare commodity. I have always appreciated players with the ability to play the position. But, in the case of Elfrid Payton, we have a player that shouldn’t be classified as a point guard. Payton has some great qualities you want to see in a point guard. He has great court vision, ... Read More »

NBA Draft Prospect: Dante Exum – Australia

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Dante Exum Dante Exum is the mystery of the 2014 NBA Draft.  Many scouts are insistent that if Dante played college in the states, he would be the #1 pick of the 2014 draft.  Those are big words in this year’s hyped draft.  Having consistently been in the top 4 all year in most mock drafts, he has taken a ... Read More »

Utah Jazz Draft Profile: Aaron Gordon – Arizona

Aaron Gordon Who is Aaron Gordon? At 6-8, many question which position Gordon will play in the NBA.  His situation reminds me of another 6-8 power forward out of Arizona; Derrick Williams.  In college, he was great and was a great scorer, but in the NBA, he’s not panned out and now the former #2 pick has been traded while ... Read More »

NBA Draft Prospect – Julius Randle

Julius Randle Julius Randle has been projected, by many, to fall around the 5th or 6th pick in the fast approaching NBA Draft, making him a viable option for the Utah Jazz. He is the prototypical, low-post, power forward. He uses his size to back down defenders in the paint and finish at the rim. He isn’t limited to just ... Read More »

NBA Draft Prospect – KJ McDaniels – Clemson

KJ McDaniels   If I said there was a player you could get late in the 1st round of the draft that could have an impact immediately you would be interested, right? Let me introduce you to K.J. McDaniels, a small forward out of Clemson. Not only is he 6’6 as listed above, but he has a wing span of 6’11. ... Read More »

NBA Draft Prospect: Rodney Hood – Duke

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Rodney Hood I imagine most Jazz fans have seen Duke play, yet did not notice Hood as they were fixated on Parker.  Rodney Hood is the next best player on that Duke team.  Rodney Hood is a smooth shooting lefty.  Rodney shot 42.0% from 3, 80.7% from the line, and has a field goal percentage of 46.4.2%.  He truly is ... Read More »

Utah Jazz Draft Profile: Jabari Parker – Duke

 Jabari Parker Who is Jabari Parker? At 6’8” and 240 pounds, many are trying to say Jabari is too short to play the right position or might be too heavy to play for a long time.  I’d prefer to compare him (body-wise) to LeBron James, who also happens to be the same height and weight.  I’m not saying he is ... Read More »

NBA Draft Profile: Glenn Robinson III – Michigan

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Glenn Robinson III Glenn has a familiar name to those on the NBA scene, because his dad was a two-time NBA all-star.  Glenn Robinson Jr. was fantastic pro who for his career averaged 20.7 point, 6.1 rebounds, and 2.7 assists.  After being picked with the #1 pick, he was the face of the Milwaukee Bucks from 1994-2002.  This means Glenn ... Read More »

NBA Draft Prospect: Zach LaVine – UCLA

Zach LaVine   Zach LeVine is trying to pull off what Marvin Williams did. Make it into the draft lottery when only coming off the bench for UCLA. I wonder what his value would be if he played one more year in college, but the lost income potential probably isn’t worth finding out. LaVine is being projected just outside the ... Read More »