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Runnin’ With The Utes: Evaluating The Pac-12 + BYU Draft Prospects For The Utah Jazz


  We now stand at less than 2 weeks until the 2013 NBA draft.  Now is crunch time for team executives as the race to find that missing piece or needed star heats up. Over the past two years, the University of Utah men’s basketball team has seen many talented players come through the Jon M Huntsman Center from the ... Read More »

Win Now Or Later – The Utah Jazz Conundrum


The NBA draft is upon us next Thursday (the day after I leave for the MTC on  mission) and every front office is working frantically, trying to figure out which players to bring in and which ones to not touch with a ten-foot pole. However, the Utah Jazz are in an interesting position in this year’s draft – they currently ... Read More »

Taking Advantage of a Situation


Currently in NBA news, the LA Clippers and Boston Celtics are having discussions about the Clippers acquiring the services of Doc Rivers, Kevin Garnett, and Paul Pierce. The Clippers are attempting to be an instant title contender right now, on paper, for 2014. But is blowing up a young, promising team the right answer for this team and what would ... Read More »

Draft-day possible trades for the Utah Jazz


We’re less than two weeks away from the NBA Draft, and we know some trades are going to go down. So could the Jazz wind up being involved in one of those trades? If they trade up, it would be for a point guard, so what would be appealing and worth doing? Cleveland isn’t giving away the #1 pick, and ... Read More »

Ty Corbin Has A Job And George Karl Doesn’t?


Early Thursday morning as I was sipping my glass of Mountain Dew and attempting to wake up, I happened upon a rather interesting article from Kevin Graham over on Graham shared his thoughts on the ever-divisive and extremely controversial topic of Utah Jazz head coach Ty Corbin.  As I read through Graham’s musings on Corbin, I smiled slightly, because ... Read More »

Karl Malone Hire Sounds Familiar


Where were you when the Jazz landed Derrick Favors in that blockbuster trade? Well, we all know Deron Williams was watching Sports Center. All I remember was a text message from ESPN. Immediately fans were excited and ready to start comparing Favors to elite NBA centers. One current center that drew comparisons was Dwight Howard. What my eyes tell me ... Read More »

Jazz: Karl Malone is BACK

Karl Malone goes for a dunk

Just got word of a new hiring in Jazzland. Karl Malone is going to be a coach for the big men Derrick Favors and Enes Kanter. My initial reaction was SUPER excitement. This tells me the Jazz are finally turing the corner and going young. Which is what I’ve been ready for since Deron was traded. A big pro to ... Read More »

What’s Your Good Luck Charm?

Its been said that Bill Russell used to go the to bathroom and puke before every game.  It got so prevalent that if Red Auerbach found out he hadn’t done it, he made him go and take care of business.  Mark McGuire was so stuck in his ritual that he used the same athletic cup from high school until he ... Read More »

The Final Push for the Utah Jazz


The ending of a season could not come to a more dramatic of an ending as it will for the Utah Jazz. The Jazz are only one game back of the LA Lakers with two games to go and with news breaking of Kobe Bryant’s Achilles tendon injury late in the fourth quarter against the Golden State Warriors, the one ... Read More »

Utah Jazz: Hero Ball & Mo Williams

This may come as a shocker to many, but as a local sports blogger I make $0.00 for running this site. So, every work day I go to my day job from 5:30am to 3:00pm. These are pretty sweet hours in my opinion. So,  when I take my 10 minute drive home I listen to the beginning of all the afternoon drive ... Read More »