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  • Utah Jazz: The NBA Draft Lottery Odds

    Utah Jazz: The NBA Draft Lottery Odds

    Right now the Jazz are in fourth place in the NBA Draft order.  Jazz will recall the 2004-2005 season where the Jazz also landed in fourth, and they had a 1...

  • The Jockularity Show With Freddie Coleman

    The Jockularity Show With Freddie Coleman

    Podcast: Play in new window | Download ESPN Radio’s Freddie Coleman drops in to talk about his career, his acclaimed national sportstalk show, Johnny ...

  • Utah Jazz Options for Head Coach

    Utah Jazz Options for Head Coach

    Fans have been using Ty as the scapegoat for all Jazz related issues.  All indications now show that Coach Corbin is headed out the door at the end of the s...

  • Tank Rank Watch: Utah Jazz

    Tank Rank Watch: Utah Jazz

    Never before have us Utah Jazz fans watched our loss column like we have this year.  With the first tier of draft prospects beings four players deep, gettin...

Utah Jazz: What is wrong with the Jazz simplified.


Do you remember the Jazz preseason where the sky was all sunny and the Jazz were winning? Do you remember how everyone’s expectations continued to rise as they won? Well, I do. One of my co workers even claimed the Jazz would be competing for a top 3 seed in the west. Well, times have changed and the cross hairs of Jazz ... Read More »

Who are you trading? Jefferson or Millsap?


If you are anything like me as a Jazz fan, you want to see more playing time for Favors and Kantor. You have also noticed that the 2nd unit for the Jazz has a lot more of the classic Jazz traits: energy, toughness, and a way of never giving up. This isn’t just an eyeball judgement either. has the ... Read More »

Winning in Utah: Is it really the Home Court Factor?

Energy Solutions arena is well-known for its ruckus atmosphere and rabid fanbase.  The building, and more importantly the crowd, is credited with a lot of the success the Jazz have at home.  But now that the season is in full swing with nearly one fifth of the total 82 game schedule behind us, other less obvious but ultimately more impactful ... Read More »

Remember the summer of Enes

Weights with Enes

The 2012-13 season is upon us, but I will always remember the summer of 2012 for one man: Enes Kanter. “Eating dinner @cheesecake downtown, looking for a blonde to eat dinner with me at my table. Does anyone wanna join me?” “Just finished dinner. Thanks Twitter <3 Now need a massage. BRUNETTES WELCOME ;)” “Catch me if you can I’m ... Read More »

Remember to temper expectations


One of my favorite things about the NBA is the incredible hope that is often attached to every player. Every year in the draft, comparisons are tossed around like a wiffle ball on the Fourth of July. “He’s the next Kareem. His playmaking reminds me of Magic Johnson. His fundamentals are on par with Larry Bird. He’s feisty and competitive ... Read More »

The Bible on trading Paul Millsap

Paul Millsap has nothing to prove to Jazz fans

Well, it’s that time of year again. That’s right boys and girls, NBA training camps are under way, and it’s time to spin up the trade possibilities. So many expiring contracts, so little time – when considering that free agents signed to new teams can be moved by December 15. The Jazz are in a predicament that has been foreseen ... Read More »

Early NBA/Jazz Primer


Football season is underway. The baseball playoff races are starting to take shape. What does this mean? We are just over a month and a half away from basketball season to begin. The first complete 82 game year since last seasons lockout. Cougars, Utes and Aggie fans, the Jazz aren’t too far from taking the court when they open the ... Read More »

Are fans sick of the NBA? – Dog and Deuce #81

Ep 81 Album Art small

Brian Blechen is suspended for three games for repeatedly failing drug tests. What does this mean for the Utes? Michael Phelps is the most decorated Olympian of all time, but is he phoning it in? What is really behind the multiple badminton disqualifications? Plus, Joe Paterno’s statue is torn down on the Penn State campus. Read More »

The New King of Sports in Utah?


For many decades the Utah Jazz have dominated the sports world in the State of Utah. They were led by the Hall of Fame duo John Stockton and Karl Malone and were one of the most consistent and dominant franchises in the NBA during the 90′s. The Jazz made it to the Conference Finals 5 times and to the NBA Finals ... Read More »

Utah BYU Rivalry Put On Hiatus, NBA Offseason Trades & Signings – Dog and Deuce #78


The Utah/BYU rivalry game will go on hiatus for 2 years. We react to the news and discuss the reactions of both fan bases. Plus, we break down all the early offseason trades & acquisitions in the NBA. Read More »