Sports Bros Podcast: Taysom’s Heisman Chances


Tonight the Bros talk about BYU quarterback Taysom Hill’s chances at winning the Heisman trophy, the future of BYU basketball, and more.

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I have a Ph.D. in sports analytics. No I don't. But I do have a law degree. And if there's one thing I learned in law school, it's how to write about sports.

I am Big Bro. My brother, Aaron (a.k.a. Little Bro), and I make up the Sports Bros, your one-stop shop for everything BYU sports.


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  • Sports Bros Podcast: Taysom’s Heisman Chances

    Great Podcast Sports Brothers. Thanks.

    My observation is to supplement, but not challenge, substitute, or amend your comments 7/27/15 podcast. I am one of your loyal fans.

    When you speak about the tough challenging schedule that we have this season in 2015, I become skit-so agreeing and disagreeing and finding myself between agreeing and disagreeing.

    There are 128 teams. Considering that the top 64 teams should be those P5 teams, but this is not always the case.

    The bottom 64 teams should be those G5 teams, but this is not always the case.

    BYU is at #45 which is at a semi respectfully place in the lower half of the P5 conference teams.

    The same should be said about scheduling. The top 64 SOS should be where the P5 teams schedule, but this is not always the case.

    The bottom 64 teams is the SOS level that the G5 teams should schedule, but this is not always case.

    I look at the BYU 2015 SOS from three different perspectives.

    The average is lower because of #155 FCS team Wagner and #118 UCON,

    but it is what it is, a pre determined win, so we must count them in the over all SOS which is 59.25 which is among the very worse of the P5 seller dwellers or the very best of the G5 teams. It’s really nothing to crow about. We blew it when we schedule UCON and Wagner. (Just say No to any team below 79.

    I also look at the SOS as two separate divisions. One division of those 5 teams ranked above us and those teams ranked below us.

    We look fantastically good with SOS with those 5 teams ranked above us (ESPN),

    #12 UCLA, #24 Missouri, #25 Michigan, #31 Boise State, and #41 Nebraska for an average SOS of 26.6 which is absolutely fantastic and better than the majority of the P5 conference teams.

    The bad news is the SOS of those 7 teams that we have ranked below us,

    (ESPN), #52 Cincinnati, # #58 Utah State, #79 East Carolina, #88 Fresno State,

    ##90 San Jose State. # 118 UCON, #155 FCS Wagner for a total SOS of only

    91.43 which is shameful even for a G5 team.

    If we are to be relevant, we must program like a P5 team and do nothing at all that resembles a G5 team.

    While we did an outstanding job with those teams that we scheduled that are ranked above us, we totally blew it and failed miserables scheduling that SOS teams that are ranked below us.

    I think that our target SOS should be around 40-49.


    • Thanks for your thoughts. I tend to agree that a 60th ranked SOS is neither something to write home about nor something to panic about. I somewhat disagree that BYU should avoid playing games like Wagner. Every team does it–others just make up for it by having phenomenal conference games. BYU is heading in the right direction, especially when you look at next year’s schedule.

  • Andrew,

    Thak you for your reply.
    I have a retorical question.

    Is it not true, that the post season 2014, (P4 play offs), gave notice to all P5 teams that want to participate in a P4 play off that they must never again have an FCS team on their schedule and that they must indeed, keep up a strong SOS average?
    (TCU/Baylor/Ohio State)