BYU Spoiler Alert: No Dancing

BYU Cougars

Attention all Cougar fans: this is a spoiler alert. BYU is not as good as you thought they were, as was illustrated last night in the 83-63 pounding they took against Gonzaga in Spokane. I have heard various types of chatter around my parts (Orem) that BYU was the second best team in the WCC. As the chatter progressed, this particular person, in fact, had them a close second (to the Zags, of course). Let’s not kid ourselves here. Any team that wants to be regarded as a top contender in any particular conference has to at least compete with that conference’s most feared and successful competitor. This is why I am putting these talks to bed.

I understand that The Kennel is a difficult place to play and that everyone in the building (except those sitting behind your bench) hate your guts, especially if you’re BYU, but we have to be realistic here. The Cougars haven’t beaten anyone. If you’re a fan of moral victories then I suppose you could chalk one up for the St. Mary’s nail biter on the 16th when they dropped a one point game at home to the Gaels, but other than that it has been pretty dry this far. Jimmer is gone, we realize this. It takes away the option to pull up from anywhere on the floor and shoot yourself back into the game (thank you 3-point shot). Where does that leave us?

This is the part where I inform you that the WCC will be sending two teams to the Big Dance and one of them is not BYU. Their non-conference was scheduled heavy enough, but they failed to capitalize. Unfortunately for Cougar fans, after Gonzaga and St. Mary’s, the WCC conference as a whole isn’t strong enough to pitch your strength of schedule to the selection committee if you don’t wipe it out.

It might as well be back to the drawing board for the Cougs. Either that or back to New York during the off season to pick off another phenomenon to carry the load.