BYU recruiting target Troy Warner talks about de-committing from Oregon

BYU recruiting target Troy Warner turned heads last night by announcing that he was de-committing from Oregon and re-opening his recruitment. I caught up with Warner today and asked him a few questions about his decision, his future, and what he’s looking for in a school.

Warner told me that he re-opened his recruitment because he “had some doubts and reservations” about his commitment to Oregon, but declined to elaborate on what those might be. He said that this is a very big decision in his life and that he “want[s] to be 100%” comfortable with that decision.

Warner hasn’t narrowed his list of schools down yet, and told me that his recruitment is “wide open” at this point. When I asked him what he’s looking for in a school, he told me that he wants to “feel at home” and to “feel comfortable with the players and the coaches.” He also emphasized that he wants to go someplace where he can “make an instant impact.”

Most BYU fans know that Troy’s older brother, Fred, plays linebacker at BYU and that their dad has publicly expressed his desire for his sons to play at the same school. I asked Troy whether his brother playing for BYU had anything to do with his de-commitment. He quickly and assertively answered, “No.”

ESPN has Warner’s position listed as “athlete,” so I asked him what position he sees himself playing in college. He told me that some schools have offered him the opportunity to “play both ways, and that’s where that ‘athlete’ thing comes from.” He went on to say that he can play any defensive back position, and that his versatility is what a lot of schools like about him. I asked him if he has a preference, and like a seasoned vet he said that he will play anywhere he can help the team the most. He did say, though, that he prefers defense to offense.

As a side note, Warner was very gracious and professional throughout the interview. He answered my questions forthrightly, but did not hesitate to say when he didn’t have an answer (like when I asked for a list of schools he likes). He was poised and articulate, but sincere and thoughtful.

Before committing to Oregon, Troy had offers from major programs such as Notre Dame, UCLA, Arizona, Cal, Stanford, and Utah, among others. Expect Bronco Mendenhall and company to start giving Troy a lot of attention now that he is fair game again. BYU has historically struggled to recruit high-caliber DBs, but did land in-state standout Dayan Lake in this year’s class. Having Warner and Lake on the field at the same time would be a dream-come-true to Mendenhall, who has fielded excellent defenses despite weaknesses at the cornerback position.

While Warner is yet undecided where he will go, his de-commitment means that BYU fans’ “Warner Brothers” dream is alive again.

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