BYU Media Day Final Notes

As a follow up to my Morning Notes post this morning, here are some highlights I gathered from BYU Football media day today.

It was a great day for BYU fans. Even though a lot of fans were mostly looking forward to hearing about some future opponents for BYU’s schedule there were still many things to be excited about from today.

We were able to hear from a few of the players of the football team. Jake Heaps, Matt Reynolds, JJ DiLuigi, Uona Kaveinga, Travis Uale and Jordan Pendelton were able to join Dave McCann of True Blue on BYUtv this afternoon. Things look great for the the 2011 Cougars. Uale mentioned that Kaveinga is the meanest player on the team. Kaveinga, a linebacker transferred from USC to the Cougars prior to the Trojans receiving sactions from the NCAA. He was on the team last year but had to sit due to the NCAA guidelines. Everyone seems enthused to see him in a Cougar uniform. We can expect great things from him on defense. Even coach Mendenhall was touting Kaveinga on True Blue today. He’s really excited for his efforts and abilities on defense.

Pendelton is excited to get back to the field after dislocating his knee in the Utah State game last year. He expects to be completely healthy for fall camp. BYU’s linebacking core looks to be very solid and the position with the most depth for BYU. Perhaps this years linebackers could be similar to the 2006 season when Bryan Kehl, David Nixon and Cameron Jensen were a force to be reckoned with. That year BYU’s two losses were by a combined amount of ten points. This years defensive unit looks to be just as lethal.

Heaps and Reynolds also joined the afternoon Legends Roundtable on BYUtv and BYU legends such as Steve Young, Ty Detmer and Trevor Matich were able to speak with Jake and Matt and give some positive support as they lead the team into a new era of BYU football.

It was also nice to be able to hear from LaVell Edwards. The whole group was able to reminisce of their days in Provo and what stuck out most to them. It was bittersweet as they mentioned their past rivalry with the University of Wyoming and how epic their trips to Laramie were. Steve Young even said that sometimes the passion with the Cowboys was more bitter than the University of Utah.

As far as future scheduling goes Tom Holmoe kept quiet on specific details but didn’t leave us completely hanging. Jay Drew of the Salt Lake Tribune reported some minor details on twitter.

Asked why BYU didn’t announce any future fb games today, Holmoe said, “We’ve got some irons in the fire, but it is complicated.”

Holmoe told BYU fans to expect more neutral-site games in the future, part of 1 home, 1 away, 1 neutral deals he’s working on.

Holmoe said BYU is “exploring” the option of playing a future game in a foreign country, “but it is hard to pull off.”

Sounds like we have a lot to look forward to but will have to just be patient. I trust Holmoe will make the announcements when necessary and in due time.

Also, I noticed that there was a lot of comparison to Notre Dame today from what seemed like everybody. Mendenhall mentioned he’d like the play them every year and often referred to their situation as an Independent. There were many other mentions of that comparison as well. Sounds like the Cougars are really banking on this project to work and for much success to come to Provo. Coach Mendenhall is very excited to be the head coach to usher in a new era of Cougar Football. As he was on 1320 Kfan today he mentioned that some recruits are making the connection with Notre Dame as an independent. Patrick Kinahan tweeted the following:

Bronco says feedback from recruits is “yeah, you’re like Notre Dame now.”

One thing from this morning I failed to mention in my morning notes was that ESPN expects to broadcast 10 of BYU’s regular season games. Seven of them have already been officially announced. The home game against Idaho State will be broadcasted on BYUtv and the road game against Oregon State has yet to be announced. OSU gets to make that announcement but many are expecting that one to be broadcasted to a national audience as well.

All seem on board. Jake Heaps is excited to be the quarterback on ten ESPN games this coming season. He knows what’s expected of him as does the rest of the team. It’s time to show that Independence will pay off for the Cougars and Heaps is ready to do just that.

If Cougar football fans had a hard time waiting for the season to start  before media day, the wait will be much more torturous now. Great things are on the horizon.

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