BYU Las Vegas Bowl Victory Shirts

You’ve won the arguments, now own the T-shirt!

Stat Shirt Front

That’s right BYU fans, the shirt you didn’t know you wanted is here! The BYU Cougars almost won the 2015 Royal Purple Las Vegas Bowl! Celebrate the inspiring moments of quarters 2-4 with this exclusive commemorative t-shirt. Each shirt comes with a full breakdown of the categories in which BYU outperformed their opponent, which, as you already know, was practically every category!

Stat Shirt Back

With limited inventory, these shirts WON’T LAST LONG, so order now! To get your t-shirt, simply click on the…. wait… I’m being told by our lawyers that I haven’t actually obtained the proper copyrights & licensing. Shoot. This was going to be good. I had visions of these bad boys flooding the streets of Salt Lake City, traveling up and down the escalators of City Creek Mall, constantly reminding everyone of the heroic efforts put forth by these mighty warriors.

Well, you’re industrious minions of the internet, here’s the master file, do what you will with it and don’t send me any money. Or do send me money, just not for the t-shirts.

Vegas Bowl Front Stat Champ Back

Credit for this idea goes to twitter user @Schumacherf2015, so maybe send him some money too. Or at least go give him a follow (if you’re ok following Ute fans.)

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Benji Hadfield

Dentist by day, fisherman also by day, just on different days. BYU fan from birth. I live in North Pole, Alaska; and yes, it's as awesome as it sounds.

  • woody181

    I realize this is in jest, but I’m crossing my fingers that someone actually printed shirts (or has the ability to) like this. Though I’m a dedicated Y fan I would greatly enjoy owning one. Any chance its possible to purchase one somewhere?

    • Benji

      Thanks Woody – I actually took the time to design the shirt because I too would love to wear one around town. How often can you troll both fanbases with the same shirt? I like it. I plan on using a service such as vista print or somewhere similar. You’re more than welcome to google various shirt makers and find one that works for you. I specifically uploaded the highest size of files so hopefully the resolution is good enough and it works. Let me know how it goes, and thanks for your comment.